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Watch as photographer James Banasiak captures the many sides of Reggie Gaudino, PhD, Chief Science Officer for Steep Hill, for mg's June cover story titled “The Patent Whisperer.” Story by Tom Hymes, art direction by Angela Derasmo.Want to see...
Here's what people are saying about the "Future of Cannabis Retail" short film: "It's unlike anything I was expecting. It left me feeling hopeful...feeling excited. Together we're building a collective ecosystem." Share your thoughts using #futureofcannabisretail.
“It was the best thing for me.” NFL vets open up (and light up) on weed like never before, from playing high to pain management
Watch as mg Magazine’s Thomas O’Brien captures the Medically Correct founders for the May mg Magazine cover story titled “The Brand Brothers”. Story by Tom Hymes, art direction Angela Derasmo.Want to see more mg videos? Subscribe to mg cannabis...
COSTA MESA, Calif.–The Costa Mesa City Council last week voted unanimously to allow recreational cannabis testing, manufacture, and distribution, which will be followed by a vote on April 3, to decide when new rules will take effect.Costa Mesa had...
Cannabis. Television. Music.BurnTV is a network with a vision for the digital age. Broadcast quality productions programmed for all tastes, all platforms, all devices.
The process of making medicinal cannabis oil shown and explained in a few simple steps by Rick Simpson himself. Watch and learn how to make your own Rick Simpson Oil (RSO).www.simpsonramadur.com info@simpsonramadur.com

Firefly 2

Anjela takes a closer look at the Firefly 2 cannabis vaporizer.
The popular truTv show "Adam Ruins Everything" looks at the history of marijuana criminalization in America and examines the racist reasons for why marijuana was banned. Adam Conover is known for his successful truTv show "Adam Ruins Everything." The show...


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