5 Steps to Compliant Waste Management

Preparing, implementing, and maintaining a waste management plan is critical in any commercial operation that generates waste. For cannabis operations, the requirements...
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Exclusive Interview: Belushi Cannabis Brand Sprouts Reality TV Series

NEW YORK – Actor, comedian, musician, and cannabis farmer Jim Belushi will be featured in upcoming Discovery Channel series “Growing Belushi.” The...

For Love of the Plant: A Journey in Cannabis Cultivation

It was never my goal to get into the cannabis industry. I’m not even a stoner. I am a gardener. Big time....

Clean Grow Rooms Produce Higher Yields

Grow room hygiene is integral to a successful operation. Inadequate facility hygiene practices can present numerous issues, including pest infestations, plant pathogens,...

Cultivation Is Competitive; Position Yourself to Stand Out in the Crowd

The cannabis market is booming—not just across the United States, but all over the world. In domino fashion, stigmas are falling and...

Changing Habits: How Cultivators Are Adjusting Operations during COVID-19

We are continuing our weekly "Changing Habits" series featuring cannabis executives’ responses to COVID-19. This week, we are focusing on cannabis cultivators....

Creative Breeding Can Invigorate Craft Cannabis

“Craft” means different things to people. There is no single accepted definition of the term. Likewise, there are no established guidelines for cannabis growing...

Hemp Farmers Expect COVID-19 to Have Significant Impact on Bottom Line

Although no one knows for sure what the full impact of the novel coronavirus will be on the hemp and CBD industries,...

Using the Right Light Spectrum Can Eliminate Outdoor Transplant Shock

Farmers starting hemp inside before transplanting to fields generally need to use artificial light. What they may not realize however is that...

Price for Hemp Plunges; Experts Blame Oversupply

They say it grows like a weed, and according to the chief executive officer of Denver-based Physical Commodities Exchange (PanXchange), the over-the-counter...