Why Automation Is Inevitable for Cannabis/Hemp Producers of All Sizes

Cannabis production soon will be as sophisticated in its automation as any other large-scale consumer packaged goods industry, utilizing systems able to power rapidly...

Canna Cribs Season 2 Premiere: Behind the Scenes at Yerba Buena Farms

Check out the Season 2 premiere of Canna Cribs, brought to you by Growers Network, featuring an exclusive inside look at...

Meet the Trichome Whisperer, Ultra Trimmer Inventor Barry Schroeder

Hand-trimming has been compared to potato peeling: A rite of passage for entry-level employees and integral to product success. Long...
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How Does Your Garden Grow? 4 Experts Offer Advice for Cultivating Profit

From plant-based learning and vertical integration to deploying technology and reducing costs, four experts share their tips. Mike...
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Cannabis Consistency: It all Begins with a Clear Taxonomic Structure

As consumers, we demand consistency. You expect a Coke, for example, to taste just like all previous Cokes. In the modern cannabis industry, that type of consistency...
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The Cost of Cultivating Cannabis, by State

To the outside world, the legal cannabis industry appears to be one big cash machine. While it’s true lots of money can be...
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The Case for Cannabis Clones: It Involves Granny Smith Apples

In the 1850s, a British couple moved to New South Wales, Australia, where they eventually purchased a small orchard. Maria and Thomas Smith had...

Mother Nature Is a Thief, Evaporating Millions in Lost Revenue

It’s all about the green. As a professional in the cannabis space, I want to believe that means mastering the craft of growing premium...
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Bigger, Faster, Smarter: The Cannabis AgTech Revolution

Of all segments in the cannabis industry, cultivation may be the most competitive and complicated. There’s little room for error, and industrial-scale operations are...
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Off the Grid: Using Natural Gas Microturbines to Generate Power

Consumption cannabis culture has a reputation historically aligned with sharing and community, cooperation versus domination, and environmental consciousness. It’s no surprise the production side...