How Does Your Garden Grow? 4 Experts Offer Advice for Cultivating Profit

From plant-based learning and vertical integration to deploying technology and reducing costs, four experts share their tips. Mike...

Cannabis Consistency: It all Begins with a Clear Taxonomic Structure

As consumers, we demand consistency. You expect a Coke, for example, to taste just like all previous Cokes. In the modern cannabis industry, that type of consistency...

The Cost of Cultivating Cannabis, by State

To the outside world, the legal cannabis industry appears to be one big cash machine. While it’s true lots of money can be...
cannabis clones granny smith apples

The Case for Cannabis Clones: It Involves Granny Smith Apples

In the 1850s, a British couple moved to New South Wales, Australia, where they eventually purchased a small orchard. Maria and Thomas Smith had...

Mother Nature Is a Thief, Evaporating Millions in Lost Revenue

It’s all about the green. As a professional in the cannabis space, I want to believe that means mastering the craft of growing premium...
Glass House Farms cannabis cultivation mg Magazine

Bigger, Faster, Smarter: The Cannabis AgTech Revolution

Of all segments in the cannabis industry, cultivation may be the most competitive and complicated. There’s little room for error, and industrial-scale operations are...
natural gas plant By Aunging 630801938

Off the Grid: Using Natural Gas Microturbines to Generate Power

Consumption cannabis culture has a reputation historically aligned with sharing and community, cooperation versus domination, and environmental consciousness. It’s no surprise the production side...

Envirocann Helps the Industry Shrink Its Carbon Footprint

Gains in the cannabis reform movement should not offset progress achieved in other arenas. The journey of environmentalists and cannabis advocates in their fight...
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Why Grow Operations Should Produce as Many Strains as Possible

There seems to be no end to development and improvement of cannabis genetics. Laboratories continue to tweak and advance crops’ effects, taste, and aesthetics,...
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Smart Growing: Light-Deprivation Without Budget-Deprivation

It’s always interesting to watch growers in emerging markets learn from the mistakes and successes of growers in established markets. Two of the biggest...