What Cannabis Brands Can Learn from Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Icarus drowned after plummeting from the sky because, in his complacency and hubris, he flew too close to the...

Meet Mother Indica, Nutritionist, Cannabis Coach and Social Media Manager

What started as an anonymous blog on which Erin Willis discussed using cannabis to heal from postpartum depression turned into MotherIndica.com, a...

1933 Industries and Tony Hawk Roll Out New CBD Sports Relief Balm

Iconic professional skateboarder Tony Hawk, through his company House of Hawk LLC and under his Birdhouse Skateboards brand, has partnered with 1933...

Do You Have a Cannabis Crisis Communications Plan?

In September, our industry suffered a major crisis that brought national media scrutiny and criticism. I’m talking about the vaping-related illness outbreak,...

Yes, You Can Advertise Cannabis

Cannabis is moving forward. Despite how exciting it’s been to operate in an emerging industry, each passing day brings greater clarity about regulations and...

Nice Guys Finish Last

The old saying, “Nice guys finish last” has been attributed to baseball legend Leo Durocher, who reportedly said something about Mel Ott being too...

Don’t Be Chevrolet: a Lesson in What NOT to Do with Your Brand

General Motors’ venerable Chevrolet brand is in danger of extinction—and if the golden goose dies, GM will have no one but itself to blame. Founded...

Influencer Trippy Treez Is Elevating the Industry, One Follower at a Time

The Bottom Line: Model and former accountant Trippy Treez has amassed an audience of almost 300,000 on Instagram and YouTube. “I wanted to elevate...
Judy Campbell PR Toolkit mg magazine mgretailer

Support Your Successful PR Strategy with a PR Toolkit

When you have a job to do, there is typically a set of tools you need to get the job done right. The same...
Sana Packaging web MGmagazine

Save the Planet with Sustainable Cannabis Packaging

Cannabis is a consumer-driven industry, and consumers have spoken: They want sustainable packaging, and they want it now. In survey after survey worldwide, consumers have...