The Second Greatest Story Ever Sold

A few months ago, I wrote a piece titled “The Greatest Story Ever Sold,” which became one of the more popular of...

Cannabis and Coronavirus: Marketing Best Practices in a Time of Crisis

We’re all in the middle of navigating the COVID-19 crisis and, in such uncharted territory, many of us are struggling with how...

What’s in a Name? According to Marketing Experts, Everything.

In William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, Juliet suggests a name does not determine the nature of the thing to which it...

The State of Vape (Infographic)

In September 2019, reports of a mysterious respiratory illness related to e-cigarettes and vaporizers began receiving widespread attention in the United States. As the...

Chelsea Leyland Puts a Purposeful Spin on Medical Cannabis

DJ Chelsea Leyland, a medical cannabis patient, turned her popular Instagram account into an inspirational trove of information about cannabis and its...

Five Key Lessons for Running a Successful Podcast

My podcast obsession began more than a decade ago, with a comic-book-focused show called iFanboy. The hosts, Ron Richard, Conor Kilpatrick, and...

Leveraging the Media for Growth

When it comes to working with the media to create a strong brand, it’s essential to ask yourself “What is our brand?”...
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How Market Dynamics Determine Consumer Choices

A friend of mine owns a CBD company. They have developed great products that are expertly made and fully tested. They invested...
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Sous Social: Cannabis Chef Monica Lo’s Top Social Media Tips

Chef, photographer, and creative director Monica Lo cooks up an enticing mix of Asian-inspired infused cuisine, cannabis history, and educational information on...

Plan for Success with an Editorial Calendar

Happy New Year! Are you ready to achieve PR success in 2020? While many companies engage in the year ahead planning process...