Sunday, April 23, 2017


INDIO, CA. – The hot-ticket Weedmaps Oasis party went off without a hitch during the opening weekend of the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. In fact, one could say the event was an unmitigated success in its laudatory...

Plant Success: Orca

A highly concentrated liquid mycorrhizal and beneficial bacteria product, this all-in-one revolutionary root enhancer claims to have the cleanest, most powerful inoculant on the market. Made by the same folks that manufacture Great White. PLANT-SUCCESS.COM
Founded in 1857, Klein Tools serves primarily the telecommunications and electrical industries. The company's latest launch, an infrared thermometer, features a wide measurement range, tight distance-to-spot ratio, K-type thermocouple input, and backlit display with auto shut off and work...
A desktop cannabis testing machine that provides real-time potency measurements, including total THC, THCA, CBD and CBDA. Designed for control freaks, whether they're growers, labs, or MIP producers. SAGEANALYTICS.COM
Available in both white on white or black with a clear bowl, the Bowl Series scales come with a removable bowl that provides one of the largest stock weighing surfaces on the market. The coolest feature is the ridges...
Michael “Big Mike” Straumietis is a lot of things to a lot of people—entrepreneur, celebrity, jet-setter, boss, mentor, father—but beneath everything else he’s a cannabis grower who cares. In every sense of the word, Mike Straumietis, founder and Chief Executive...

Titan Atlas 2

This Co2 controller is the most simple and straightforward Co2 controller available in the industry today! It's factory calibrated & preset to maintain the Co2 level in your garden at 1500 PPM. It features a built-in photocell that allows...
Mini Dry

Triminator Mini Dry

"Trim anywhere your harvest takes you." With a stout, ergonomic design, the Mini Dry requires no lubricant, so flower stays pure and dry—which means your babies will retain their natural hue and freshness. THETRIMINATOR.COM
Everybody desires to increase his or her harvests in less time, right? Well, the good folks at COB Grow Lights understand this—and then some. The Scorpion 5x LED Grow Light is the company's most powerful light system yet: It...
Scaffolding for plants that require a second-tier support screen, the P SCROG Pro System comes with a 24-inch base with channel lock, telescoping rods, a support screen, and junction caps. Five-year warranty included. SCROGGER.COM


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