Friday, July 21, 2017

Hard Goods

Hard Goods
Transpring’s latest innovations continue the company’s 13-year tradition as a leader in the design and function of vape cartridges and preheating batteries. Preheating function Extract is much thicker than normal e-liquid, especially in cold weather. Warming the oil ahead of...
Inda Pipe

Inda Pipe Necklace

Designed by founder Caroline Mauro, this groovy necklace hangs on a vintage brass chain and magically transforms into a smoking pipe. The hand-assembled beauty is perfect for the fashionable, on-the-go smoker. Made in Vermont.
Oil lovers will be pleased to hear that Temple Extracts has become a provider of Era Pods for PAX Labs’ PAX Era. The company is currently rolling out additive-free, strain-specific Sativa, Indica and Hybrid concentrate oils in PAX Era...
Consumers have the opportunity to customize their shoes, lap-tops, cell phones, and just about anything else. So why exactly are we forced to use boring and generic vape pens? We're not, anymore. O.penVape now allows us to choose the...
Pax, Bloom Farms, Vaporizer, Vape

The PAX Era Is Here!

High in the Hollywood Hills, at a private residence owned by a music industry veteran, three respected innovators--PAX, Bloom Farms and The Lab--unveiled their newest collaboration to industry insiders: the PAX Era premium vaporizer. PAX CEO Tyler Goldman stood...
Alpaca Grinder

Alpaca Grinder

Precision, efficiency, and durability make this grinder ideal for anyone frustrated with run-of-the-mill grinders that break easily and/or don't save time. Made from aircraft aluminum and comes with a lifetime warranty. ALPACAGRIND.COM
Bud Bar Displays

Extract Display Trays

Looking to enhance your in-shop concentrate display? Bud Bar Displays—"The Way Cannabis is Sold"—offers translucent white acrylic LED light boxes replete with redressed polecats, beveled edges, and silicone foot pads. BUDBARDISPLAYS.COM
Based in Phoenix, Chameleon Glass has been making eye-catching, head-turning glass pipes and bongs since the early 1990s. The "Fish" does just that—and more: A female torso with spiked wings sits atop Rain Drop thing and hand-pulled Cambridge Blue...
This premium, cotton-based, wick system bears a chrome finish and can be laser-etched with a logo. A high-end item, its compatible with e-liquid and oil cartridges and feature a 510-thread battery connection. (minimum order: 500) HAPPYLEAVES.CO
After raising a cool $46.7 million, PAX Labs Inc. is loading up for massive expansion of a nine-year-old, vape-turned-lifestyle brand. Here, founders Adam Bowen and James Monsees talk year-on-year growth, the secrets to PAX’s spectacular rise, targeting dispensaries and non-traditional...


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