Automating Fertigation Saves Time and Money

If you haven’t already, it’s time to integrate an automated fertigation system into your operation. Whether you’re a hydroponic grower or using an irrigation...

What Is PR and Why Do I Need It?

I am going to go out on a limb and guess that as a cannabis business owner, someone along the way has said you...

What’s Hot in Pot Retail: Ingestibles (Infographic)

Cannabis sublinguals and edibles aren't just climbing in popularity. In addition to gaining a share of the consumer dollar, ingestibles are becoming the approachable...

7 Warning Signs of Toxic Managers in the Workplace

Toxicity in the workplace can be a serious problem, especially when it’s a direct result of the attitudes and actions of those in charge....


Oakland-taxes-tax-mg-mg magazine

Oakland Set to Reduce Tax Rates on Small Cannabis Businesses

OAKLAND, Calif. – Some Oakland cannabis businesses are set to receive a significant reduction in their taxes. The Oakland City Council has opted to lower...
mothers-day-cannabis-sales-mg-mg magazine

Mother’s Day Cannabis Sales Numbers are in

Navigating the narrow path between profit and plummeting is difficult in the cannabis industry. As is the case with retail across all industries, managers...
Edie-Parker-Flower-Luxury-Cannabis-MGretailer-mg magazine

For Real? Fashion House Debuts $450 Lighters and $955 Stash Bag

In the market for a $1,000 bag to transport your $15 gram of cannabis flower? What about a $450 lighter? The perfect brand for...
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Update: Congressional Cannabis Day Forum Screens ‘Weed the People’ After All

UPDATE: In a break from standard procedure, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi moved to allow screening of "Weed The People" to proceed as originally...

New Jersey Recreational Pot Suffers Setback

TRENTON, N.J. – Legalizing recreational cannabis in New Jersey just took a major hit. State Senate President Stephen Sweeney has announced he is abandoning plans...