Perfectly Packaged: Don’t Get Boxed In by Cannabis Packaging Failures

Packaging failures are more common than you may think, especially in the cannabis industry where regulations and requirements can change rapidly. In California, several...

Terpenes: The Secret Sauce for Marketing Cannabis

“Terpenes” is a term thrown around a lot in cannabis circles, although not everyone knows what they are. But if you’ve taken a walk...

City Cannabis Co.: Smart and Hip

Because City Cannabis Co. would be one of the first fully legal cannabis boutiques in Vancouver, Canada, founder and Chief Executive Officer Krystian Wetulani...

Craft a Brand That Is Unique, Compelling, and Credible

For the past few years, I’ve been advocating the need for cannabis companies to actively pursue a more mainstream, disciplined approach to brand-building. There’s...


Biggie mg retailer

Dream Biggie: Iconic Rapper’s Son Launches Cannabis Brand

C.J. Wallace has big, or perhaps B.I.G. dreams. The son of one of hip hop's greatest talents is launching Think Big, a cannabis brand...
CBD_infused_hemp_burger_carls jr_mg magazine

CBD-infused Burger Set to Debut on 4/20

DENVER – In what Carl’s Jr. told is more than a one-day stunt, the fast-food chain plans to test launch a CBD-infused burger...
Poop Emoji, Cannabis Contaminated by Poop

Fails the Smell Test? Poop Detected in Spanish Street Pot

Are you getting a whiff of that? Cannabis may be known for its varied and distinct aromas, but some strains on the streets of...
Charlie Sheen Cannabis Vape Sheenius

Two and a Half Pounds? Charlie Sheen Joins the Cannabis Gold Rush

Charlie Sheen has been a part of the cannabis industry for years--in a way. Although strains bearing his name have been circulating for a...
Big Data Cannabis, BDS Analytics, Nielsen, Headset, Flowhub

‘Big Data’ Gets Bigger

Data will power the future of the cannabis industry. Two recent high-profile partnerships highlight the value of accurate consumer insight. In one, cannabis data analytics...