How Non-Cash Payment Options Could Benefit the Cannabis Industry

Can you imagine a world where cash, not credit, is king? In this alternate universe, all the conveniences we take for granted in the golden age of ecommerce — including higher spending limits, payment plans, and safe, frictionless retail experiences — would cease to exist. That’s the reality in the cannabis industry. Due to federal regulations that block canna-businesses from...
Owens Corning Vida Wool cannabis cultivation media

Three Growing Media Considerations to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

As 2021 comes to a close, market dynamics present several challenges for cultivators’ businesses across North America. Supply chains are experiencing extreme disruptions. Labor...
Woman using GRAV glass mg Magazine

GRAV: Growth on Their Own Terms

Only 25 percent of businesses will celebrate a fifteenth anniversary. Sustainable growth is challenging across the board but can be particularly elusive in the...
Hitoki Trident Gold disassembled

Lasers Lend Hitoki’s Upscale Trident a High-Tech Wow Factor

Recent years have seen smoking devices and bong technology improve considerably. With a higher caliber of engineers meeting the increasing demand for better-quality rigs,...
Ispire The Wand product mg Magazine

Ispire: Next-Generation Vape Tanks, Dab Rigs

During his tenure at the helm of Sunday Goods, Michael Wang led the Arizona-based flower company’s expansion into vapes. But scouring the hardware on...
cannabis business fire California -credit sandyman mgretailer

2 Die in Massive Fire at ‘Suspicious’ California Cannabis Operation

CANOGA PARK, Calif. – What witnesses described as a “fireball” erupted from a building in a San Fernando Valley commercial complex Monday, leaving two...