The Point of Sale Is Your Point of Success

In Touchpoint #6 of the Customer Journey series, we welcomed you to the heart of the shopping experience—The Showroom. This is the confluence of...

Want Media Attention? Be Newsworthy

The cannabis industry is becoming savvy—retail-, marketing-, and business-savvy. As the industry matures, more companies are developing brands and strategic plans, establishing marketing and...

Lights, Camera, Cannabis: Celebrities Cash In!

When consumers spend their hard-earned dollars, do they really buy into images of sweaty yet existentially handsome Matthew McConaughey trail-running through a primordial forest...

California’s Legal Cannabis Market Bogged Down by Black Market

BOULDER, Colo. – Cannabis industry market data research firms BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research have released a new report titled California: Lessons from...


FBI-Illegal Cannabis operations-mg magazine-mgretailer

FBI Seeking Leads On Illegal Cannabis Operations and Industry Corruption

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Thursday announced it is looking into the threat of potential corruption within the nascent marijuana industry and...
Mike Tyson-Tyson Ranch-mg magazine-mgretailer

Former Champ and Canna CEO Mike Tyson Claims to KO Crazy Amount of Cannabis

Former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson may be known as one of the greatest fighters of all time, but he is now trying to reign...
CannTrust-Health Canada-mg Magazine-Mgretailer

CannTrust Stock Prices Tumble as Regulators Find Additional Violations  

Stock prices for CannTrust Holdings Inc. tanked on news that the Canadian cannabis producers were found to have violated cultivation regulations for the second...

Outside Lands Fest First-Ever to Allow Cannabis Vendors, Consumption

SAN FRANCISCO – The 12th annual Outside Lands, San Francisco’s largest summer music fest, took place this past weekend and made history by being...
CannTrust-Illegal-growing-mg magazine-mgretailer

CannTrust Stock Rises After CEO Fired for Unlicensed Growing

Bad news and leadership shakeups are typically bad for investors. But for CannTrust Holdings, reports of illegal growing activity were quickly followed by a...