As Counterfeits Increase, the Industry Scrambles to Knock Off the Knockoffs

It’s bold, brazen, and illegal. Cannabis counterfeiting is popping up at industry trade shows. Understandably, brands are livid, so they, and some states, are...

Nice Guys Finish Last

The old saying, “Nice guys finish last” has been attributed to baseball legend Leo Durocher, who reportedly said something about Mel Ott being too...

Singer-Songwriter Neil Young’s U.S. Citizenship Held Up Due to Cannabis Use

CALIFORNIA – Legendary singer-songwriter and Toronto native Neil Young on Friday said he has been told by immigration officials that he must...

What Cannabis Brands Can Learn from Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Icarus drowned after plummeting from the sky because, in his complacency and hubris, he flew too close to the...
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CDC Discovers Possible Connection in Vape-Related Lung Injury Cases

UPDATE: November 12, 2019 – 7:20 p.m. PDT – Doctors at Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital today announced that a seventeen-year old Michigan...
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California Regulators Suspend Nearly 400 Cannabis Business Licenses

SACRAMENTO – The California Bureau of Cannabis Control (CBCC) this week moved to suspend the licenses of 394 cannabis businesses, citing that...
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Rapper Drake May Be Next Celebrity Cannabis Entrepreneur

Actor, rapper, and man of mystery Drake has, according to media reports, been dropping hints that he will launch a cannabis brand...

SPARC Joy: Metrc Compliance Automated Across All 5 Dispensaries with Treez

Every cannabis software company says they “integrate with Metrc.” If you've heard it during a sales pitch, it sounds easy. But what...
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When Elon Musk Smoked a Joint, NASA Called a Review

WASHINGTON, D.C. – News outlet Politico last week reported that after literal rocket scientist and aerospace company Space X Chief Executive Officer...