Cannabis Employment Market Outlook 2022

The cannabis employment market outlook for 2022 is a mixed bag. Although the industry is creating tens of thousands of new jobs annually, a shortage of experienced workers means finding—and keeping—good employees requires a degree of finesse.  One of the underlying issues of 2021’s lumpy economy was persistent challenges relating to hiring. As of October, demand for workers outstripped supply...

Glassmaker CannaDevices Is Molding Something Special

Innovation is helping drive the cannabis industry forward. But sometimes the comfort of something familiar is good, too. Glass has been both innovative and...
Owens Corning Vida Wool cannabis cultivation media

Three Growing Media Considerations to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

As 2021 comes to a close, market dynamics present several challenges for cultivators’ businesses across North America. Supply chains are experiencing extreme disruptions. Labor...
Woman using GRAV glass mg Magazine

GRAV: Growth on Their Own Terms

Only 25 percent of businesses will celebrate a fifteenth anniversary. Sustainable growth is challenging across the board but can be particularly elusive in the...
Hitoki Trident Gold disassembled

Lasers Lend Hitoki’s Upscale Trident a High-Tech Wow Factor

Recent years have seen smoking devices and bong technology improve considerably. With a higher caliber of engineers meeting the increasing demand for better-quality rigs,...
Ispire The Wand product mg Magazine

Ispire: Next-Generation Vape Tanks, Dab Rigs

During his tenure at the helm of Sunday Goods, Michael Wang led the Arizona-based flower company’s expansion into vapes. But scouring the hardware on...