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Commemorating LGBT Pride in 2020

Los Angeles, California-based, non-profit group Christopher Street West organized what is believed to be the world’s first permitted parade advocating for gay...

Six 4/20 Products to Help Us through the Pandemic

We’re in uncharted territory, kids---and one should never make light of something as devastating as this pandemic or the coronavirus that has...

Eight CBD and THC Products for National Sleep Awareness Week

Ruminating about the stock market? Coronavirus pandemic? Tax season? What could go wrong? Let’s face it, anxiety is a pretty common complaint...
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Yummi Karma Cannabis Drops

From sleep to anxiety to PMS relief, Yummi Karma’s award-winning Cannabis Drops offer an effect for every need. Created by women, for women, each...
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The Health & Wellness Report 2019: Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD Trends

As if ordained by some Universal Wisdom, the stars have aligned to bring health and wellness markets to the forefront at precisely the same...
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High Tea in Hollywood

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – About twenty-four hours before the 2018 Oscars ceremony and a few blocks away from the venue, a party unlike all the...
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5 Cannabis-infused Snacks for Superbowl Parties

We all know that the big game is on Sunday, but the Super Bowl is way more than a football game. It has morphed...

PR Pros – Yummi Karma’s Alysia Sofios

She’s a lady and, as Yummi Karma’s Director of Marketing, Alysia Sofios is creating a cannabis brand of, by, and for women. With the other ladies...

FEATURE: Yummi Karma & High Gorgeous Brands

Yummi Karma envisions an industry with no glass ceiling. The weather on the beach boardwalk next to Santa Monica Pier was remarkably summer-like on April...
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Hungry for Yummi Karma

The successful edibles maker pops into high gear. “When we started Yummi Karma, our goal was to make cannabis products more approachable, especially for women,”...