Pyptek Pocket cannabis pipe mg Magazine

PYPTEK: The Adventure of a Lifetime

Although I don’t feel it’s at all necessary to tell you how I feel about PYPTEK, I know I’m going to have...
XInsurance cannabis insurance mg Magazine Shutterstock myartoym

2020 Underscores Cannabis’s Need for Reliable, Industry-Specific Insurance

This past fall, the cannabis and hemp industries watched while thousands of people’s livelihoods went up in smoke due to the wildfires...
Display Dispensary products mg Magazine The Case for Custom Dispensary Display Solutions

Shelves, display cases, and other means of exhibiting products must perform multiple functions in the modern dispensary. Far from simply holding merchandise,...
Eyce ProTeck cannabis product family Greenlane-mg-Magazine

Eyce ProTeck Glass Series Debuts

The Eyce ProTeck™ Glass Series features the elegance and functionality of glass encased in Eyce’s signature platinum-cured silicone. The dynamic collection is...
MAXCORE-cannabis-vaporizer-product-family mg-Magazine

MAXCORE: Redefining Vaporizer Technology

Cannabis vaping technology company MAXCORE, an independent business unit of one of the top e-cigarette manufacturers in the world by volume, develops cutting-edge solutions for the global cannabis market. Anchored by five state-of-the-art, GMP-certified factories with a combined 1.3 million square feet of production space, the company produces 12.5 million cartridges, disposables, pod systems, and batteries annually. Research and development teams in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Shenzhen, China, comprise more than 300 engineering professionals and R&D experts (20 percent of whom hold PhDs) who have developed 829national and international patents.
Shryne Group Stiiizy products mg Magazine

Shryne Group: A House of Brands

Building on the momentum of its most popular brand, STIIIZY, California cannabis powerhouse Shryne Group last fall launched two new product lines, STIIIZY Gold...

The Cannabinoid Market in 2025: Predictions

If you had known ahead of time that the domestic CBD market would explode in 2017, what would you have done differently?...

GreenBroz: Automated Cannabis Packaging

The idea of automated cannabis packaging is something that is still new to the cannabis space. After all, just years ago, the...

Emerald Cup Supply Co., Rosette Wellness Partner in Eco-Conscious Collaboration

While it may be difficult these days to find a topic where a majority of people can see eye to eye, one...
Boveda FlowerinJar

Check Your Bins Post-Cure for Money That’s Eluding You Every Harvest

Looking for a way to drive long-term growth? Start by looking in your own totes. There’s a profitable opportunity there when you integrate moisture...