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Adam Grossman: The Alchemist Behind the Papa & Barkley Brand

For Papa & Barkley founder Adam Grossman, cannabis is a magical elixir. Weed helped him recover from debilitating injuries, sharpened his mental faculties, and...
GreenBroz, trimmers

GreenBroz: The Heart of the Deal

After massive wildfires swept through Northern California’s Wine Country last fall, right at harvest time, GreenBroz Inc. made some of its high-end trimming machines...

Puffco’s Roger Volodarsky: Scaling the Peak

With his big beard and stoic countenance, Roger Volodarsky has the air of an educated Russian revolutionary. At 35, he’s also young (i.e., tech-smart)...
Greenlane CEO Aaron LoCascio mg Magazine June 2018

Greenlane CEO Aaron LoCascio: Supplying the Goods

Greenlane founder and Chief Executive Officer Aaron LoCascio admits he’s been obsessed with acquisitions “for a very long time”—which is why his company’s recent...
CannaCraft, Care by Design

Helping People Heal: Spotlight on CannaCraft

Dennis Hunter always wanted to start a legal cannabis business. Hunter, 46, grew up in the enchanting weed forests of Humboldt County, California, and learned...
Reggie Gaudino, chief science officer for Steep Hill Labs, mg magazine, June 2018

Reggie Gaudino: The Patent Whisperer

Genetics researcher Dr. Reggie Gaudino has a dire warning for the cannabis industry: Allow sketchy patents to go unchallenged at your own peril.

Women Cannabis Professionals Recognized by American Chemical Society

WASHINGTON D.C.–Nonprofit and the world’s largest scientific society American Chemical Society (ACS) recognized leading women professionals in the cannabis industry, in the April 30th...

Trump Lawyer Cohen Lent Millions to Russian ‘Taxi King’ that Owns Legal Cannabis LLC

NEW YORK – The Associated Press reported today that embattled Trump attorney Michael Cohen might have connections in the cannabis industry. The FBI investigation into...

Cannabliss Retreats Plants Its 420 Seed in a Malibu Mountains Fruit Farm Estate

Malibu, California — Cannabis, the healing arts, travel, music, meditation, and education met on a perfumed lemon, grapefruit, and orange farm high in hills...
Qudus on location Cannabiz, mg magazine, April 2018

Behind-the-Scenes Docuseries Sheds Light on Cannabis Innovators

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – An online docuseries that pulls back the curtain on some little-known cannabis industry pioneers premiered Friday, just in time to...