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The Luxury Cannabis Market: Product Roundup

Just a few short years ago, the notion of luxury might have seemed completely incompatible with cannabis’s dank aesthetic and anti-establishment roots. Yet today,...

Holiday Stocking Guide: Deck the Shelves with Edibles and Extracts

The holiday season is fast approaching, bringing with it opportunities for eating, drinking, and making merry, not to mention gift-giving. Though the pandemic may...

Besito Vape Pens

In grapefruit, mint, and blackberry, customers will love Besito's stylish hexagonal-shaped, golden vape pens. They’re filled with California-grown premium sativa dominant extract, rich in...

Fruit Slabs

Intended to be a treat for health-conscious consumers, Fruit Slabs are formulated with flavorless, clear distillate that does not contain terpenes. One fresh-sealed resealable...

Satori Cannabis-Infused Mints

Satori’s new micro-dosed peppermints are designed for convenient ingestion throughout the day. Sublingual absorption allows the THC to take effect faster than traditional edibles,...
7-10-Roundup-OIL-Day-list-cannabis-mgretailer-mg magazine

7/10 Dab Day Roundup: Fun Finds for Cannabis Oil Holiday

Dab doers, concentrate connoisseurs, and honey oil lovers—it’s your big day! July 10, aka 7/10 or OIL Day (because “710” turned upside down looks...

HEMCO Modular Clean Labs

Due to their modular design, HEMCO Modular Clean Labs are built to be cost effective and time efficient compared to traditional construction. The structures...
Relax tincture chocolate

Hemp Industry Pioneers the Stanley Brothers Launch New Low-Dose THC Brand

DENVER -- Leaders of the cannabis movement and creators of the iconic Charlotte's Web CBD brand, the Stanley Brothers, are continuing their mission to broaden access to quality...

Military Meds

Military Meds is a new line of medical and recreational products offering safe, organic cannabis for American veterans. Products include vape cartridges, tinctures, and...

Garden Society Fruit Gelées

Flavored with a blend of fruits and infused with sun-grown Mendocino County, California, cannabis, Garden Society’s Fruit Gelées energize mind and body with THC...