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How Successful Executives Deal with Cannabis Trade Shows

Several months back we spoke to successful cannabis executives about how they handled traveling for work. Traveling to events is only half...

Lowell Herb Co. Hosts Lowell Café Pop-Up Event

In celebration of Lowell Café’s upcoming expansion into Nevada, Lowell Herb Co. hosted a farm-to-table restaurant and consumption lounge pop-up...

Cova Software’s Prohibition Themed Party Takes Center Stage During MJBizCon

Dressed to the nines in 1920s glamour, the Cova Software team, along with event partners UNOapp, Headset, Point7, SevenPoint Interiors, springbig, merrco,...

MJBizCon Day 2: Emerging Markets and the Regulatory Landscape

After having obtained a high-level view of the industry on MJBizCon's opening day, many attendees of day two were focused on drilling...
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The Prohibition Party at MJBizCon

Get on the List for Cova's Exclusive VIP After-Party: Cova is proud to be hosting this year’s most mysterious MJBizCon after party on Thursday,...

MJBizCon Day 1: Opening Remarks, a Netflix Keynote, and More Than 1,300 Exhibitors

On the first day of MJBizCon in Las Vegas, industry operators, investors, and would-be entrepreneurs convened to discuss the state of the...

Advanced Nutrients Launches Products in Celebration of 20th Anniversary

LOS ANGELES – Advanced Nutrients, a leading global nutrient company, will be launching three new product lines available at MJBizCon, the world’s...
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Surviving the Harsh Realities of Branding

A few years ago, I had the privilege of speaking at a major cannabis conference about marketing and branding. The room was packed with...
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Dixie Crushed It (Photo Gallery and Video)

Celebrating Canadian and U.S. cannabis companies, liberty, and patriotism, Dixie Brands’s 4th Annual Cannabis Crush costume ball last Wednesday took over the Marquee Nightclub...
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MJBizCon Hosts Big, Legal Cannabis Show

LAS VEGAS–The legal cannabis industry invaded Las Vegas this week when the largest U.S. cannabis trade show MJBizCon was held at the Las Vegas...