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Edible Labels

New Edible Packaging Regulations in Colorado Take Effect on October 1

Packaging for marijuana edibles in Colorado will include additional details. A symbol that includes an exclamation point and the term "THC" will be required to...
New Jersey-medicinal marijuana-mg magazine-mgRetailer

New Jersey Lawmakers Consider Expansion to Legal Marijuana

New Jersey lawmakers are considering a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana use. The bill (A4193) was introduced by State Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll (R-NJ). If...
Day Dreamers Chocolates, mg, September, edibles, products

Day Dreamers Chocolates Dreams Big

“I don’t dream at night; I dream all day. I dream for a living.” —Steven Spielberg The makers of Day Dreamers Chocolates probably can relate...

Missouri Prosecutors Trying to Stop Medical Marijuana

Missouri prosectors are are fighting to keep the state from becoming the 26th to legalize medical marijuana. Last week an affidavit was filed in Missouri...
marijuana arrests

Close to 500K Marijuana Arrests in California Over the Past Decade

A recent report by the Drug Policy Alliance found that there were approximately 500,000 arrests for marijuana in California from 2006-2015. The report highlighted several...

California Lawmakers Punt Pot’s Future to Activists

At least 120 people in Sacramento—eighty members of the State Assembly and forty state senators—no doubt are relieved to see the adult-use cannabis initiative...

Ohio Medical Marijuana May Improve Life Of Small Child

The plight of a six-year-old child in Ohio highlights what real families go through and why many feel medical marijuana is a necessary treatment...

Is Florida Finally Flowering?

Florida is thought to be one of the illegal marijuana grow capitals of the United States. In 2011, it was reported that Florida led the...

Texas Weed One Year Later

THE FIRST CYCLE of weed legislation has allowed Texas a few theoretical baby steps into the cannabiz, but as we close in on one year...
ice-water hash

Hepburn’s Ice-Water Hash Pre-Rolls Are Heating Up

Hepburns’s solventless ice-water hash pre-rolls are heating up the California market with their juicy, smooth consistency, fashionable packaging, and do-it-yourself small-batch approach. Hepburns officially came...