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smart pots

Smart Pots Will Give You Happy Plants

When you’re feeling hot, stressed, and uptight, many times someone will remind you to “breathe.” Dustin Fraser, West Coast sales manager for Smart Pots,...

Spotlight On W Vapes

mg catches up with Josh Ryan, west coast sales manager for the award-winning W Vapes, to talk sales, accolades, oil quality, and what he’s...
420, cannabis, marijuana, DEA

The Final 420 Before Marijuana Is Rescheduled?

The term 420 has become interchangeable with marijuana so much so that it no longer functions as a code word. It is now widely...

IGWT Union Release First Hippa Compliant Canna App

SPOKANE, WA. / MJBizwire / IGWT Union will release the first HIPPA compliant cannabis APP with medical marijuana (MMJ) recommendation provider and home delivery system starting...

CEO Tripp Keber Personifies Dixie Elixir’s Success

e·lix·ir (əˈliksər/) A magical or medicinal potion. "An elixir guaranteed to induce love." A preparation that was supposedly able to change metals into gold,...
marijuana cafés

Marijuana Cafés Rejected By D.C. Council

Amsterdam style marijuana cafés will not be opening up anytime soon in the District of Columbia. The D.C. Council voted to ban marijuana cafés by...
bruce margolin

Ask Attorney Bruce Margolin

In our continuing series Ask A Lawyer, famed criminal defense attorney Bruce Margolin fields mg magazine readers’ questions, delivering the sort of answers that...
medical personnel

Medical Personnel Form National Marijuana Group

Earlier this week a group of physicians and medical personnel formed a national organization urging federal authorities to reform marijuana laws. The Doctors for Cannabis...
rx green solutions, marijuana

At Rx Green Solutions More Isn’t Necessarily Better

By Shara Ross, Field Scientist/Product Development, Rx Green Solutions Recognizing a need in the cannabis space for science-based nutrients, Rx Green Solutions set out to...
Jonathan valdman, marijuana, grow

Jonathan Valdman is Forever Flowering

The de facto founder of the light-deprivation greenhouse industry is now in position to help establish industry standards that will set the stage for...