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eaze cannabis data mg retailer

Eaze Delivers Vital New Data on California’s Cannabis Industry

Eaze, a company known for their cannabis delivery service throughout California, has just released new data derived from their database of 450,000 cannabis consumers...
cannabis pop display mg retailer

How Dispensary Product Displays Can Help Increase Sales

Visibility is an undeniably vital aspect of successful branding. After all, how can you convert a sale if the customer is unaware of your product's...
cbd michigan legal mg retailer.jpeg

Michigan Representative Clarifies Legality of CBD

LANSING, Mich.- Michigan state Rep. Steve Johnson has announced that consumers do not need a medicinal cannabis card to legally purchase CBD products. In a news release,...
Oregon cannabis exports mg retailer

Oregon Could Make History With Cannabis Export Regulations

SALEM, Ore.- Oregon officials are considering a bill that would drastically change how cannabis businesses operate and could establish a historic new direction for...
Chris Martin hempful farms mg retailer

CBD Producer Who Received Letter From Federal Officials Gets More Bad News

Last week we reported on Chris Martin, co-owner of Hempful Farms. His situation has caught some off guard, including Martin himself, as many thought...
Colorado extraction systems mg retailer

4 Companies That can Help you Extract Higher Profits

Flower may still be a big seller but cannabis consumers have been quickly shifting toward non-smokeable products over the past few years. This makes extraction...
Chris Martin CBD mg retailer

Farm Bill Means CBD is Legal? Producer Receives Letter That Could Indicate Otherwise

PHOENIX- Passage of the farm bill at the end of last year provided a feel-good story for the cannabis industry. Initially, it seemed to...
hemp farm bill mg retailer

FDA Comments on Farm Bill and CBD Sales Across State Lines

WASHINGTON, D.C.- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is examining potential “pathways” for legalizing the sale of CBD and other cannabis products across state...
Vape cleaning products mg Retailer

4 Products to Clean and Maintain Vaporizers Every Dispensary Should Consider

As we all know, vaping cannabis is steadily growing in popularity. It offers both discretion and may even be healthier than smoking flower out...
Cory Gardner cannabis banking bill mg retailer

Cory Gardner Pushing for Federal Cannabis Banking Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C.- U.S. Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) has a plan to provide the cannabis industry with access to the banking system. Gardner has introduced and supported...