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6 Cannabis Odor Eliminators Your Customers Will Love

Although cannabis may be growing in popularity and acceptance, sometimes discretion is still necessary. Nosy neighbors, hardass landlords, and unapproving roommates may not be...
Ohio CBD mg Retailer

Crackdown on CBD Oil Coming to Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio- Officials in Ohio are cracking down on CBD oil sales. Although CBD products have been sold in stores throughout the state for several years,...
CBD FDA mg Retailer

FDA Coming Around on CBD?

WASHINGTON, D.C.- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) appears to be softening its stance on CBD. In June, the FDA approved Epiodolex, a CBD based...
weedcraft inc. mgretailer

Cannabis Tycoon Video Game Announced by Devolver

For many, cannabis and video games have long been the perfect match. But for those looking to see if they have what it takes to cash...

Are Cannabis Stocks Overhyped?

CYBERSPACE–Show host, founder of The Street, seasoned trader, and author James Cramer is not risk-averse and, lately, he’s feeling bullish on cannabis–but cautiously bullish....
Cannabis dispensary scales mg Retailer

6 NTEP Certified Scales for Your Dispensary

There's a fine line between operating in the black vs. operating in the red for small businesses. If you run a cannabis dispensary, flower...
cannabis auto baggers mg Retailer

4 Cannabis Auto Packagers That can Save you Time and Money

Operating a cannabis dispensary is serious work, requiring quite a bit of flexibility and long hours on the part of a manager. Because of this,...
cannabis export canada mg Retailer

Canadian Company Receives Approval to Ship Cannabis to the U.S.

NANAIMO, British Columbia- A Canadian cannabis company has been given approval by the U.S. government to legally export medicinal cannabis to the United States for research. Tilray Inc.,...
Older Americans cannabis mg Retailer

Older Americans Could be Emerging as a Budding Market for Cannabis Dispensaries

Based on new data, cannabis dispensaries may want to market to a surprising demographic they may not have focused on previously. According to a new...

Coca Cola Is Interested in CBD-Infused Drinks

ATLANTA–Iconic soft drink brand Coca Cola created some stock market buzz Monday when it was widely reported the Atlanta-based soda company was considering adding...