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420 Games, Santa Monica

mg Sponsors 420 Games in Santa Monica: Get Complimentary Tix!

Yes, the second annual 420 Games Los Angeles are taking place on April 1, but this is no joke. The cannabis magazine mg (mgretailer.com) is sponsoring the...
Measure M, Los Angeles, Cannabis

Los Angeles Voters High-Five Measure M

LOS ANGELES - Measure M, the Los Angeles City Council-sponsored ballot initiative green-lighting the comprehensive regulation of cannabis businesses in the city, was approved...
Measure M, Los Angeles, voting

LA to Vote on Marijuana Measures Today

In November, California voters approved Prop. 64, legalizing the recreational use of marijuana for individuals 21 and over. The full recreational program is expected to...
Measure M

LA Times Endorses Measure M, The Local Cannabis Ordinance Set For March 7 Ballot

LOS ANGELES – The editorial board of the Los Angeles Times has endorsed Measure M, the voter initiative slated for the March 7 ballot...

Top Ten 420-Friendly Tourist Destinations

A secondary cannabis industry that's sprouting up is tourism and, according to leaders in the field, business is blooming. With widening legalization for medical and...
Virgil Grant mg November

FEATURE: Virgil Grant Is the King of Los Angeles

In successfully bringing the city and the industry together to finally fix the cannabis industry in Los Angeles, Virgil Grant has been able to...

Los Angeles Moves One Step Closer to Inclusive Cannabis Regulation (Updated)

LOS ANGELES - The recently-formed Southern California Coalition made an impressive public showing Monday during an 8:30 a.m. meeting of the Los Angeles City...
Los Angeles

Los Angeles City Council Looks To Adjust Prop D

In March of 2013, voters in Los Angeles approved Proposition D. The measure outlawed medical marijuana dispensaries in Los Angeles but granted limited immunity to...