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California, Michigan, Crack Down on Unlicensed Cannabis Retailers

SACRAMENTO–The deadline for unlicensed cannabis dispensaries, collectives, and co-ops to come into licensing compliance in California was January 9, and leaves hundreds of the...

Study Says CBD May Help Treat Meth Addiction

SYDNEY, Australia–Results from a research study recently published in peer review The Journal of Psychopharmacology indicate that treatment with cannabis-derived compound cannabidiol, commonly known...

Cannabis Mansions Coming to L.A.

LOS ANGELES–A Los Angeles area luxury home builder will introduce cannabis smoking rooms for connoisseur clients that would like to have the option in...
Tarzana dispensary robbery mg magazine

Tarzana SWAT Operation at Cannabis Dispensary Finds No Suspects

TARZANA, Calif. – The investigation is ongoing into an hours-long SWAT operation that took place Monday at an unlicensed cannabis dispensary located in Tarzana, California. According...
LAX cannabis mg Retailer

LAX Passengers can now fly out With Their Cannabis Stash

LOS ANGELES- Passengers flying out of LAX can now pack something extra in their carry-on luggage--cannabis. Airport police now say they will not stop passengers if...

Elon Musk Smokes a Big Blunt on Joe Rogan Podcast

LOS ANGELES–Energy storage company Tesla shares on Friday, at markets open, quickly dropped seven percent in value after video of Tesla founder Elon Musk...

CBD-Only Stores Start Popping Up Like Weeds

Consumers all over the world are embracing CBD, the non-psychoactive compound derived from hemp and cannabis, as a wonder ingredient for their health and...
weedpocalypse mg magazine Sept 2018

Weedpocalypse Now: California’s New Regs Are Taking a Toll

Display shelves in California’s cannabis shops experienced a sudden transformation July 1 as the deadline passed for companies throughout the food chain to reach...

Saving Sophie Fundraiser for Pediatric Cancer Research Announced

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif –Pediatric medical cannabis nonprofit Saving Sophie has announced an inaugural fundraiser for October 12, the Saving Sophie Experience: The Journey to...
Inception Reit, mg Magazine

Launch of 1st Cannabis REIT from Industry Leading Investment Fund

Los Angeles, CA — The Inception Companies (“Inception”), a private investment firm with significant operating and investing experience across the regulated U.S. cannabis industry,...