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FDA Comments on Farm Bill and CBD Sales Across State Lines

WASHINGTON, D.C.- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is examining potential “pathways” for legalizing the sale of CBD and other cannabis products across state...
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4 Cannabis Testing Labs Operating in Massachusetts

With sales of recreational cannabis finally up and running in Massachusetts, The Bay State is buzzing as customers line up for a chance to...

Cannabis on the Ballot: What the Election Results Mean For Residents and Businesses

November 6, 2018, may have resulted in a split decision for Republicans and Democrats, but cannabis emerged from the midterm election a clear winner....
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Will Mexico’s Supreme Court Ruling on Cannabis Impact the U.S.?

MEXICO CITY- Mexico's Supreme Court ruled that a ban on recreational cannabis use is unconstitutional. The court has now ruled against a ban five times, setting...
Canada Cannabis Shortage

Canada Experiencing Cannabis Shortages Only Days After Legalization

OTTAWA, Ontario- Last week, legal sales of recreational cannabis were legalized in Canada. There was quite a bit of media attention on the issue as...

Canadian PSA Reminds Travelers Not to Enter the Country with Cannabis

LOS ANGELES - As national cannabis legalization begins, the Canadian government is concerned enough about confusion among the public regarding international travel with cannabis...

Cannabis Jobs in Canada Boom, as Cannabis Becomes Legal This Week

TORONTO, CANADA–You have until Wednesday to apply to Canadian cannabis producer AHLOT (which stands for A Higher Level of Thought), for one of five...
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FDA Coming Around on CBD?

WASHINGTON, D.C.- The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) appears to be softening its stance on CBD. In June, the FDA approved Epiodolex, a CBD based...
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Dream Job: Get Paid to Smoke Weed

"If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life." Sure, we've all heard that, but it's fantasy nonsense...
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New Bill Would Legalize Cannabis, Pot Lounges in New Jersey

TRENTON, N.J.- State legislators in New Jersey have released the details on a new cannabis legalization bill. The bill departs from other state proposals to legalize cannabis...