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The Farm Bill Legalized Hemp. Don’t Celebrate Just Yet.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – By legalizing industrial hemp as part of the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 on Thursday, Congress and the president gave the...

Cannabis Industry Comments on Passage of 2018 Farm Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Senate on Tuesday approved the 2018 Farm Bill with a vote of 87-13, followed Wednesday by a landslide of...

International Brands Attend CBD Expo West in Anaheim

ANAHEIM, Calif–CBD Expo West was held at the Anaheim Marriott this past weekend under sunny California skies. Even with controversy in California making the...

CBD-Only Stores Start Popping Up Like Weeds

Consumers all over the world are embracing CBD, the non-psychoactive compound derived from hemp and cannabis, as a wonder ingredient for their health and...

Cost of Cannabis-Based Epilepsy Medication Revealed by Makers

LONDON,UK/CARLSBAD, Calif–GW Pharmaceuticals, makers of newly approved cannabis-based drug Epidiolex, have revealed the estimated annual cost of the medication, which treats two forms of...

Topikal Opens Second CBD-Only Shop in Venice Beach

VENICE BEACH, CA–Los Angeles-based CBD-only retail store Topikal has announced the opening of its second store location, in Venice Beach. With its flagship location...

5 CBD-Only Monthly Subscription Boxes

For a cannabinoid with no psychoactive effects, CBD (aka cannabidiol) sure is creating a big buzz. There have never been so many CBD-only products...
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July Round Up: 10 Cannabis Concentrates for 710

Every culture has its holidays and celebrations. It should be no surprise that in cannabis culture, where the status quo and stereotypes are being...
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6 States With the Largest Hemp Industries

Smokeable flower, edibles, and concentrates may receive most of the attention when it comes to cannabis, but hemp may be the true rising star...

7 Savory CBD-Infused Edibles

Sometimes, you just want something salty, spicy, or full of complex umami flavor, instead of a treat that’s sugary. But if you don’t have...