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Medically Correct is building a global cannabis company that exceeds the sum of its parts. DENVER-based incredibles sells a lot more products than just the...
Grandma Coash Stoner

MedMen: Marketing the Future of Cannabis

Fast Company, AdAge, Business Insider, Adweek, and CNBC – and that’s just in the last month. It may be premature to call MedMen the...
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Dr. Robert Flannery: Cannabis Cultivation Crusader

The first PhD in America with certified technical expertise in growing commercial cannabis, Flannery talks good science, clean cannabis, and the launch of his...
social media mg magazine

Social Media Climbing

Love it or hate it, social media is a tool few seem able to do without. Especially for those trying to promote, brand, or...
mg magazine March 2018 Angry Customers

How to Deal with Angry Customers

“The customer is always right.” That may be so, but sometimes patients can try the patience of the most easygoing employee. Angry customers quickly...
mg magazine March 2018 N2 Packaging Scott Martin Mike Standlee

Keeping It Fresh

Who says the mortgage industry is cursed? Scott Martin was a very successful mortgage broker until his company merged with a larger firm in...
mg magazine March 2018 Legal Labor Peace Agreements

‘Labor Peace’ Agreements Unlikely to Give Employers Peace

By Danielle Moore, Bailey Bifoss, and Christopher Conti Fisher Phillips law firm Special to mg Magazine In January, recreational cannabis use became legal in California, with the...
mag magazine March 2018 Feature Testing lab test

One Standard, Indivisible

Testing labs are one of the most critical components in the seed-to-sale cycle of the cannabis plant. They offer the producer (or processor or...
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Lab Magic

Of the many license types available to people interested in operating a cannabis business in California, the only one that cannot be combined with any other is for a testing lab. That is an indication of how essential the independence of the lab is to the viability of the regulatory scheme and the state's ability to maintain control.
Cannabis Caveat mg Magazine 1

Caveat Cannabis

When the United States Senate anointed one of its own—Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions—attorney general in February 2017, the legal cannabis industry barely batted an...