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Caveat Cannabis

When the United States Senate anointed one of its own—Alabama Republican Jeff Sessions—attorney general in February 2017, the legal cannabis industry barely batted an...
old kai

The Ballad of OLD KAI

The licensed distributor just wanted to make its mark on California’s new legal market. One illegal seizure later, and Old Kai is a cannabis cause...
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Steve DeAngelo Digs In

I’m about five minutes late to my interview with Harborside Health Center Executive Director Steve DeAngelo, who’s been holed up in his suite at...
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Vela is Elevated in Seattle

Vela provides customers an intimate look into a growing, extraction lab, and processing facility. The Saturday after its grand opening, Vela hosted its first in-store...
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The Trouble With Marijuana Testing

Fast, accurate, ethical lab testing remains the Holy Grail of the cannabis industry. With fewer than three months to go until recreational cannabis sales start...
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Top “Soilmeliers” Dish the Dirt on the State of Soil for Marijuana Growers

When Michael Beck was a teenager in southwest Michigan, he fell in love with the region’s rich, aromatic, untouched soil. On weekends, he explored...
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Are You Ready to Rock Recreational Marijuana?

As recreational marijuana markets roll out, how will the Green Rush change retail? Those not lucky enough to be there in person saw the media...
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Marijuana Dispensary Buyer’s Beware

From price and packaging to customers’ habits and scouting the competition, marijuana dispensary product buyers are always looking for an edge. Josh Best, the ordering...
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Smart Technology Powers the Future of Cannabis Farms

Cannabis helped spur innovative indoor growing; now, technology gives your farm a brain. You know that sound like an elevator at the beginning of Pink...
growopfarms 008 cc

Grow Ops, Maker of Phat Panda, Has Created the Perfect Marijuana Strain Factory

Phat Panda from Grow Ops is smart, strategic, and dominating the Washington State flower market. It’s been several months since I toured the Grow Op...