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Jayne Ladies 1 MG magazine

Fitting In and Standing Out: Portland’s Jayne Dispensary

In a hyper-competitive market, community and quality have been a winning combo for Oregon dispensary Jayne. On the northwest edge of the Eliot neighborhood in...
California Cannabis mg magazine 1

SB 1459 Extends Provisional License Lifeline to State’s Cannabis Operators

SACRAMENTO – Lost amid the flood of last-minute bills just signed by California Governor Jerry Brown was SB 1459, an “urgency statute” that went...
cannabis money mg magazine

SEC Alert Warns Investors About Marijuana Investments and Fraud

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Office of Investor Education and Advocacy (OIEA) and Retail Strategy Task Force has issued an...
1200px Seal of the United States Department of Justice.svg  1

U.S. Attorney Makes Case for Criminally Targeting Legal Cannabis Industry

DENVER, CO. – In an op-ed published Friday by the Denver Post, federal prosecutor Bob Troyer made the case for why “you may start...
level up mg magazine

5 Ways to Survive a Market Downturn

Cannabis oversupply in states like Oregon and the resulting potential for black-market diversion rightfully are causes for concern. For vertically integrated dispensaries that heavily...
LAX cannabis mg Retailer

LAX Passengers can now fly out With Their Cannabis Stash

LOS ANGELES- Passengers flying out of LAX can now pack something extra in their carry-on luggage--cannabis. Airport police now say they will not stop passengers if...
Jerry Brown official portrait 2

California Expands Consumption, Sales Beyond County Fairgrounds

Governor Jerry Brown on Wednesday signed into law AB-2020 and SB-1294. The first permits cannabis events beyond county fairgrounds; the second addresses local equity...
CBD Expo West mgretailer

International Brands Attend CBD Expo West in Anaheim

ANAHEIM, Calif–CBD Expo West was held at the Anaheim Marriott this past weekend under sunny California skies. Even with controversy in California making the...
Lunchbox Alchemy Staying busy in the Lunchbox Lab web MGmagazine

Lunchbox Alchemy: ‘Crafting a Global Cannabis Culture’

By refining its own extracts, the edibles manufacturer hopes to refine the market, too. Although known for crafting edibles, Oregon’s Lunchbox Alchemy defines itself more...

Celebrities Increasingly Coming Out, Getting into Cannabis

LOS ANGELES–Two longtime musicians have announced their recent entry into the cannabis space. A veritable symbol of summer and good times, musician Jimmy Buffett...