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Nick Tennant’s Limitless Curiosity Helped Build the Extraction Sector

Technology innovation has played a major role in nearly every sector of the cannabis industry over the past few decades, but it’s difficult to...

Smokin’ Hot Cannabis Products to Stock for Valentine’s Day Gifting

Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday this year, creating a long weekend for lovers to celebrate the day of love. What does that mean...

The Vapor Room Serves Scandinavian Cool in the Bay Area

When Martin Olive, executive director at the Vapor Room, set out to design his dispensary’s newest location, he wanted the 900 square foot space...

New LeafLink Reports Provide Key Marketplace Intelligence

NEW YORK – Marketplace insight is extremely valuable, especially during unpredictable times. To provide some much-needed guidance as we enter the new year, cannabis...

How Successful Cannabis Executives Implement Customer Feedback

No matter how brilliant a retail or marketing plan may be, it is important to always remember one thing—you are not your customer. Consumers...

Two Paths to Success in the Age of Cannabis Legalization

Have you ever made a wish and gotten what you wanted only to find the reality did not match your expectations? According to the Merriam-Webster...

Are Increased Cannabis Tax Revenues Part of the New ‘Green’ Economy?

In the post-pandemic economy, under the Biden Administration, many Americans are wondering, "where’s the money going to come from?" Especially with large regions under...

Temp Workers Benefit Cannabis Businesses and the Economy

The growth and resilience of the United States cannabis industry proved to be an economic bright spot in 2020. In a setting where more...

Infused Gummies: A Sweet Opportunity

When most people hear “gummies” and “vitamins” in the same sentence, images come to mind of The Flintstones and children’s candy. But for a...

The Leaf El Paseo: Bringing Rodeo Drive to the Desert

Every company that seeks to introduce cannabis to affluent or more conservative demographics confronts negative stigma. This is heightened for retailers whose fixed locations...