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High Times may cease to exist

High Times Teeters on Edge of Extinction

LOS ANGELES – Forty-five-year-old High Times magazine, the revered elder statesman of cannabis publications, may cease to exist within a year unless...

Top 50 Cannabis Employers of 2019

mg Magazine’s second annual Top Employers report celebrates exceptional workplaces and the people behind them. Each year, during a long, exacting process,...
Lil Wayne-GKUA-Ultra-Premium mgretailer-mg magazine-cannabis news

Let the Bud Build: Lil Wayne Introduces GKUA Cannabis Brand

LOS ANGELES – There is a growing list of celebrities jumping into the cannabis space, some who’ve never been associated...
Charlottes-Web-Infinite-CBD-CBD Product Manufacturers-lawsuits-mg-magazine-mgretailer

CBD Product Manufacturers Named in Class Action Lawsuits

BOULDER, Colo. – Two Colorado-based CBD product manufacturers, Charlotte’s Web Holdings, Inc. and Infinite Product Company, LLC, better known as Infinite CBD,...

Massachusetts’ Recreational Market Is Progressing at a Snail’s Pace

In 2016, 53.7 percent of Massachusetts residents voted for legalization of recreational cannabis, but progress has inched forward slowly, with the first...
Cannabis Taxes-California-mg-magazine-mgretailer-cannabis-news

California Will Raise Cannabis Taxes in January

SACRAMENTO – The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) announced the state will increase the basis for excise tax on...
HOF-Sept19-9291 web MGmagazine

How to Win Cannabis Customers and Influence People

Consumers have many choices in today’s environment, and they’re always on the hunt for better deals, better service, better aesthetics, better products, and better...
Joe Biden cannabis gateway drug mgretailer mg magazine

Biden Tries to Clean up Cannabis “Gateway Drug” Comments

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has weighed in on cannabis for the second consecutive week. In an attempt to clean up comments...

Wanted: Affordable High-CBD, Low-THC Products

Treating patients with chronic pain is a daily occurrence for Dr. Ari Greis, an orthopedist at Philadelphia’s Rothman Orthopaedic Institute. Many under his care...

Banking on Financial Reform for the Cannabis Industry in 2020

For an industry that topped $10 billion in sales in 2018, it’s hard to believe cannabis companies still rely on bags of cash...