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Are Retailers Prepared to Leverage the Cannabis Data Boom?

Cannabis retail has come a long way since the early days, and with consumption and sales breaking new records year-over-year, dispensaries now are working...

Edition: Intrigue & Curiosity

Ryan Roebuck started in cannabis as a money guy. His early success in investment banking led to a lucrative stint at XDL Capital Group,...

What Do Consumers Want in a Cannabis Dispensary?

Online ordering. Personalized recommendations based on shopping habits. Contactless shopping and payment. Familiar self-checkout options. And that’s just a straightforward visit to the grocery store....

Synchronicity Holistic: An Elevated Dispensary Catering to Senior Women

Every major cannabis municipality in the country has an “elevated” dispensary acting as an access point for consumers historically intimidated by the green cross...

Ajoya: Designed for Education

In 2014, The Denver Post art critic Ray Mark Rinaldi wrote, “Pot shops looked a lot like bail-bond operations or check-cashing centers. Design was...

Lightshade: Design Reflects Ethos

Lightshade is coming up on its tenth year serving Colorado. The milestone anniversary will see the independent chain’s expansion to nine locations in Denver...

SERRA: Casual Elegance

In the months preceding its entry into the Southern California market, classy Portland dispensary brand Serra playfully stirred anticipation. At meticulously selected intersections around...

March and Ash: Uptown in the Country

It’s not every day one finds a tractor smack-dab in the middle of a dispensary’s salesfloor. Yet, that’s exactly what makes a life-sized statement...

A Natural Success: Oregrown’s Renovated Interior Brings the Outdoors In

Chrissy Hadar, co-founder, president of retail, and chief branding officer for Oregrown, had a simple vision for her Portland cannabis shop: She wanted it...

A Trip to Doobie Nights Can Open a Portal into the Imagination

Northern California long has been a magnet for weed enthusiasts, radicals, and counterculture characters of all stripes. Doobie Nights, a new dispensary in Santa...