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New Market Coming Online? Minn. Legislatures Introduce Cannabis Bills

MINNEAPOLIS- A new market for cannabis dispensaries, cultivators, and ancillary businesses could be opening up. Yesterday, bills were introduced in both chambers of the Minnesota legislature...
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How Dispensary Product Displays Can Help Increase Sales

Visibility is an undeniably vital aspect of successful branding. After all, how can you convert a sale if the customer is unaware of your product's...
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California, Michigan, Crack Down on Unlicensed Cannabis Retailers

SACRAMENTO–The deadline for unlicensed cannabis dispensaries, collectives, and co-ops to come into licensing compliance in California was January 9, and leaves hundreds of the...
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Cannabis Contributes to Communities, Despite Limitations

Cannabis professionals from every industry category have proved that they are a big-hearted bunch, often sharing their good fortune with local communities and people-in-need. But...
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December Round Up: Cannabis Holiday Gifts and Special Sales

While Hanukkah celebrations are already upon us, Christmas is little more than two weeks away, followed by Kwanza, and then New Year–all great occasions...
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MJBizCon Hosts Big, Legal Cannabis Show

LAS VEGAS–The legal cannabis industry invaded Las Vegas this week when the largest U.S. cannabis trade show MJBizCon was held at the Las Vegas...
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MJBizCon Puts on the Really Big Show

LAS VEGAS – Upon arrival at the Las Vegas Convention Center, you immediately sense excitement as you pass under a huge banner announcing you...
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Giving off the Wrong Sign? Check out These Companies Offering Dispensary Signage

There is so much to consider when designing or operating a cannabis dispensary. At times it is easy to miss the small details. One...
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5 Places to buy Merchandise Refrigerators for Edibles, Infused Beverages, and More…

Many of the products and items needed to run a cannabis dispensary are either hard to find or need to be customized for the...
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Four Companies Offering the Perfect Display Cases for Your Cannabis Dispensary

Display cases serve as a way to show off your and arrange your inventory. But they can do much more. In some cases, they...