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Is Cannabis Recession-Proof? We’re About to Find Out.

As commerce grinds to a halt across many sectors amid the coronavirus pandemic, it’s clear we are headed into the first recession...

Coronavirus and Capital Concerns

When the new year began, the North American cannabis industry already was reeling from a chaotic 2019. The first year of Canada’s...

The Unbearable Lightness of Quarantine

I must admit, while I hate the pandemic and the devastation it has rained upon millions, I am not hating the quarantine....

Cannabis and Coronavirus: Industries Adjusting to Losses, ‘New Normal’

The unofficial start of Summer 2020 saw crowds of Memorial Day consumers celebrate the long weekend cautiously (and some not so cautiously),...

Changing Habits: How Cannabis Delivery Companies are Adjusting to COVID-19

With Amazon, DoorDash, and traditional courier services, mainstream consumers already were living in the age of home delivery bliss. In some parts...

COVID-19 Is Setting a New Course for the Future of Cannabis Retail

As the world responds to the COVID-19 health crisis, cannabis brands and retailers are facing a new normal when it comes to...

Cannabis and Coronavirus: Businesses Continue to Adjust as June Approaches

With Memorial Day one week away in the United States, long term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on global industries remain uncertain,...

Canadian Cannabis Research Study Shows CBD Could Help Treat COVID-19

LETHBRIDGE, Alberta – Researchers at the University of Lethbridge (ULeth), located in Alberta, Canada, recently published in peer journal Preprints, the results...

How to Approach a Workforce Reduction with Compassion

Of the 2,000 employees working in the cannabis sector who recently were laid off, some may still be wondering what happened.

Changing Habits: How Cannabis Marketers Are Dealing with COVID-19

Without the ability to leverage advertising on major social media platforms or top search engines like Google, marketing federally-prohibited cannabis products was...