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Are Increased Cannabis Tax Revenues Part of the New ‘Green’ Economy?

In the post-pandemic economy, under the Biden Administration, many Americans are wondering, "where’s the money going to come from?" Especially with large regions under...

Hubspot and Talkwalker Release Social Media Best Practices Report for 2021

In order to be effective at leveraging social media for business, managers must understand social media best practices are constantly are evolving. This is...

Forecast 2021: Cannabis Industry Experts Look Ahead

By most accounts, 2019 was a tough year for the cannabis industry, what with Canadian stocks in freefall, investment capital drying up, and little...

New Cannabis Data Highlights the Industry’s Great Year and Bright Future

Even for the eternal optimist, finding any bright spots in 2020 has proven extremely difficult. Fortunately, the cannabis industry has a habit of persevering...

e-Commerce Is No Longer Optional for the Cannabis Industry

Analysts have been predicting the world’s inevitable evolution into a digital-first society for many years, but none of them took a global pandemic into...

Cannabis Companies Continue Holiday Fundraisers for Communities Nationwide

Holiday festivities have been curtailed by the global resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic, and its unprecedented social and economic effects. During this turbulent season,...

The Single Key to Marketing Success in the Cannabis Industry

What a year 2020 was, eh? With all the things that happened this year—from COVID-19 to social justice, institutional racism, police brutality, elections, recession,...

Medicinal Cannabis Has Quickly Become Maine’s Most Valuable Crop

PORTLAND, Maine – The state of Maine has typically been known for lobster, blueberries, and lighthouses. Apparently, medicinal cannabis is joining this list as...

What the Pandemic Teaches Us about Product Packaging

Want to increase your sales? Try some new packaging! Granted, I am in the packaging world so you’d expect me to say that… but...

LeafLink Releases Encouraging Cannabis Data with Newest ‘Insights Flash’

NEW YORK – Despite the uncertainty bearing down on many industries, cannabis has provided some bright spots for the U.S. economy since the COVID-19...