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Plant-Optimized Light Spectrums Maximize Growth, Quality, and Yield

Cannabis cultivators must manage a multitude of working components within their gardens. To ensure the most bountiful harvests, each aspect of the grow must...

Preparing Today’s CBD Products for Tomorrow’s Market

You’ve probably noticed cannabinoids are everywhere these days. Since restrictions on hemp production and commerce were lifted by the 2018 farm bill, products containing...

Real-World Cannabis Research Will Benefit Consumers and Industry

While dispensary and retail shelves and online marketplaces across the country are brimming with CBD products, extraordinarily little scientific research has explored the safety...

Capturing Mindshare with Effective Advertising

Humans have a tendency to believe things used to be better, although when those things were better depends on who you ask and the...

Sustainable Product Packaging Offers a Competitive Advantage

For businesses across the world, environmental sustainability has become an important component for long-term success. Businesses also are finding sustainability increasingly important to consumers....

Jerry King’s Cannabis Cartoon | February 2021

Award-winning cartoonist Jerry King is one of the most published and prolific cartoonists in the world, selling more than 300 cartoons per month. His...

Two Paths to Success in the Age of Cannabis Legalization

Have you ever made a wish and gotten what you wanted only to find the reality did not match your expectations? According to the Merriam-Webster...

Temp Workers Benefit Cannabis Businesses and the Economy

The growth and resilience of the United States cannabis industry proved to be an economic bright spot in 2020. In a setting where more...

Infused Gummies: A Sweet Opportunity

When most people hear “gummies” and “vitamins” in the same sentence, images come to mind of The Flintstones and children’s candy. But for a...

Cannabis Testing Regulations Need Standardization

Although last year was riddled with disheartening news, 2020 did deliver one definitive upside: resounding wins for cannabis. Cannabis prevailed in voter support not...