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Megan Stone Point of sale mg magazine mgretailer

The Point of Sale Is Your Point of Success

In Touchpoint #6 of the Customer Journey series, we welcomed you to the heart of the shopping experience—The Showroom. This is the confluence of...
news megaphone

Want Media Attention? Be Newsworthy

The cannabis industry is becoming savvy—retail-, marketing-, and business-savvy. As the industry matures, more companies are developing brands and strategic plans, establishing marketing and...
Drug Plastics cannabis packaging mg magazine mgretailer

Finding the Right Cannabis Packaging Partner for Your Products

Product packaging is essential to building and maintaining your brand—no matter if your cannabis business is a start-up or an established business with a...
Judy Campbell Cannabis PR mg magazine mgretailer

Cannabis PR Success Starts with Strategy

When you need to drive to a new destination, you look to Google Maps to help find the best route. When you want to...
grow operations multiple strains 2

Why Grow Operations Should Produce as Many Strains as Possible

There seems to be no end to development and improvement of cannabis genetics. Laboratories continue to tweak and advance crops’ effects, taste, and aesthetics,...
light deprivation 2

Smart Growing: Light-Deprivation Without Budget-Deprivation

It’s always interesting to watch growers in emerging markets learn from the mistakes and successes of growers in established markets. Two of the biggest...
Amazing By Vulp ss composite mg magazine

Love Lists? 7 Amazing Reasons to Read This Marketing Column

Every day, I see hundreds of articles claiming to provide a solution to whatever problem you may encounter in just a few simple steps....
Branding wood blocks ss mg magazine

What Makes a Cannabis Brand? The Answer Lies Beyond the Logo

What companies have done a great job with branding? I really like what Canna Bath Co. has done. They were having difficulties getting products into...
Hippo Purple Frost Pre Roll Kary Radestock mg magazine mgretailer e1561155049805

Packaging: The First and Last Step of Brand Building

Okay, I admit it. I am looking for trouble right out of the chute. How can anything be both the first and last step?...
Millenials 2 By View Apart ss web mg magazine

Pay Attention to Millennials: They’re Going to Be Your Biggest Customers

The world is in the thick of the millennial moment. This year, the cohort of Americans who were born between 1981 and 1996, otherwise...