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Growers Supply CS Cannaseur mg magazine

Four Ways to Improve Bud Quality

Nutrition, temperature, lighting, and ventilation can make all the difference. With medical and recreational cannabis markets booming, growers who focus their energy on cultivating denser,...
bogey web MG magazine

The Bogeyman that Wasn’t

Cannabis regulators are hypocrites when it comes to social consumption. Good journalism depends on solid relationships with sources who not only will return your calls...
cannabis edibles mg magazine

5 Tips for Delicious Edibles Displays

Food—what a glorious thing. It nourishes us, sustains us, draws us together, and provides us with comfort and fulfillment. When infused with cannabis, food...
Growers Supply mg magazine

Four Ways to Improve Bud Quality

With medical and recreational cannabis markets booming, growers who focus their energy on cultivating denser, more potent buds may make their business more profitable....
CBD oil mg magazine

DEA Classifies CBD-based Epidiolex as Schedule V Controlled Substance

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On Friday, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration is expected to issue a final order placing Epidiolex on Schedule V of the Controlled...
Park Range High Road Design Studio mg Magazine

Cannabis Retail Design Guide, Lesson 1: Understanding the Customer Journey

Welcome to The School of Stone. Megan Stone, that is. I have partnered with mg Magazine to share my insights and lessons learned so...
legal ss 699903658 web MGmagazine 1 1

Legal Perspective: Corporate Due Diligence Counts

The cannabis industry has grown accustomed to backroom deals, evading documentation, and handshake-clad commitments. With the onset of state-specific legalization and an eye toward...
TruMed mg magazine

The Key to Success in Cannabis Retail? A Carefully Considered Brand.

What is a burrito without filling? A picture frame without a picture? A cone without ice cream? That is how important I believe a...
5 things budtenders must know MG magazine Sept 2018

Five Things Every Budtender Must Know

I still get excited in that otherwise-unremarkable moment when I’m about to walk through the front door of an unfamiliar cannabis shop. Maybe it’s...
Moby Dick mg magazine ss 276834863 web MGmagazine 1

Insurance: The Cannabis Industry’s White Whale

For decades, it was one of those white whales for cannabis operators: an insurance company that would both knowingly cover cannabis operations and pay...