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Temp Workers Benefit Cannabis Businesses and the Economy

The growth and resilience of the United States cannabis industry proved to be an economic bright spot in 2020. In a setting where more...

Infused Gummies: A Sweet Opportunity

When most people hear “gummies” and “vitamins” in the same sentence, images come to mind of The Flintstones and children’s candy. But for a...

Cannabis Testing Regulations Need Standardization

Although last year was riddled with disheartening news, 2020 did deliver one definitive upside: resounding wins for cannabis. Cannabis prevailed in voter support not...

Donald Trump’s Legacy of Lying Will Have Lasting Effects

The election is finally over, although the results remained long disputed due to Donald Trump’s insistence he won—despite all evidence to the contrary. And,...

Overcoming Start-Up Challenges in the Cannabis Industry

Thanks in part to a deadly pandemic and a global economic meltdown, 2020 may stand out as one of the most difficult years in...

Massachusetts Cannabis Control Approves Revised Adult-Use Regulations

Following several rounds of revisions and public comment solicitations since July 2020, the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission (CCC) on November 30 gave final approval...

Jerry King’s Cannabis Cartoon | January 2021

Award-winning cartoonist Jerry King is one of the most published and prolific cartoonists in the world, selling more than 300 cartoons per month. His...

e-Commerce Is No Longer Optional for the Cannabis Industry

Analysts have been predicting the world’s inevitable evolution into a digital-first society for many years, but none of them took a global pandemic into...

The Problem at the Heart of the U.S. Cannabis Market—and How to Solve It

If there is a single defining challenge at the heart of the U.S. cannabis industry, it's route-to-market strategy. No one has quite figured out...

What Do Consumers Want in a Cannabis Dispensary?

Online ordering. Personalized recommendations based on shopping habits. Contactless shopping and payment. Familiar self-checkout options. And that’s just a straightforward visit to the grocery store....