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Judy Campbell Connecting with the Media mg magazine mgretailer

The Dos and Don’ts of Connecting with the Media

You have news to share and you want help telling a great story, so who are you going to call? The media....
counterfeit goods mg magazine

As Counterfeits Increase, the Industry Scrambles to Knock Off the Knockoffs

It’s bold, brazen, and illegal. Cannabis counterfeiting is popping up at industry trade shows. Understandably, brands are livid, so they, and some states, are...
Kary Radestock Nice Guys Finish Last mg magazine cannabis news

Nice Guys Finish Last

The old saying, “Nice guys finish last” has been attributed to baseball legend Leo Durocher, who reportedly said something about Mel Ott being too...
Benzi Ronen Cannabis Products mg magazine mgretailer

It’s Time for Transparency in Cannabis Products

Earlier this spring, I had the chance to treat my wife to a nice meal in the country. Our clothes were clean and pressed,...
Judy Campbell PR Toolkit mg magazine mgretailer

Support Your Successful PR Strategy with a PR Toolkit

When you have a job to do, there is typically a set of tools you need to get the job done right. The same...
heart flag

A Lesson for Brands, From Dog-Eat-Dog Political Campaigns

In her book Consumer Democracy: The Marketing of Politics, author Margaret Scammell makes the point politicians are marketed and sold to the public in...
Megan Stone Point of sale mg magazine mgretailer

The Point of Sale Is Your Point of Success

In Touchpoint #6 of the Customer Journey series, we welcomed you to the heart of the shopping experience—The Showroom. This is the confluence of...
news megaphone

Want Media Attention? Be Newsworthy

The cannabis industry is becoming savvy—retail-, marketing-, and business-savvy. As the industry matures, more companies are developing brands and strategic plans, establishing marketing and...
Drug Plastics cannabis packaging mg magazine mgretailer

Finding the Right Cannabis Packaging Partner for Your Products

Product packaging is essential to building and maintaining your brand—no matter if your cannabis business is a start-up or an established business with a...
Judy Campbell Cannabis PR mg magazine mgretailer

Cannabis PR Success Starts with Strategy

When you need to drive to a new destination, you look to Google Maps to help find the best route. When you want to...