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Randall Huft Asks, ‘Where Have All the Protest Songs Gone?’

I grew up in a time of social unrest and political protest. My parents were antiwar activists and involved in the civil...

5 Steps to Compliant Waste Management

Preparing, implementing, and maintaining a waste management plan is critical in any commercial operation that generates waste. For cannabis operations, the requirements...

Jerry King’s Cannabis Cartoon | September 2020

Award-winning cartoonist Jerry King is one of the...

How to Reach New Cannabis Consumers

With legalization sweeping across the country, the cannabis category is evolving just like any other successful mainstream market—with scale and diversity. Consumer...

More IRS Audits Are Coming. Here’s How to Handle Them.

It appears the Internal Revenue Service is keeping a close eye on the rapidly growing cannabis industry. The agency expects to audit...

9 Digital Marketing Tips for Standing Out Online

A plethora of cannabis companies dot the current online landscape. Can you really make your brand stand out, increase traffic, and attain...

How Automation Is Changing Cannabis Packaging

Over the past decade, businesses of all types have embraced automation as a way to improve efficiency, increase productivity, and enhance consistency....

The Higher Purpose of Cannabis Gifting

In the spring of 2020, two consumer insights companies, SoapBoxSample and KNow Research, joined forces to explore consumer behaviors, needs, and preferences...

More Equal Entrepreneurial Access for All

As Black Lives Matter and similar movements shift the national conversation toward advancing social justice, the cannabis industry is not above reproach....

How History Is Painted Over

Many years ago, I worked at a major-market television station that was steeped in history. In 1928, as one of the first...