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Why Cannabis and Alcohol Sales Should Never, Ever be Co-located

A recent article in the Staten Island Advance newspaper started with a seemingly random Billy Joel reference: “A bottle of red. A baggie of...
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Workplace Drug Policies: What Can-a-Business Do?

Legalized cannabis is quickly making an entrance into all corners of the United States. Nine states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational...
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More Fuel to the Fire: Cannabis Policy Wins in 2018 Midterms

The 2018 midterms were some of the most fiercely fought, closely watched elections in recent memory, for a number of reasons. The biggest winner,...
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Corporate Social Responsibility Can Bring Unexpected Rewards

Thanksgiving — time for gratitude and reflection. Let us start with appreciation for the fact that there are now 36 states in the United...
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Don’t Curb Your Curb Appeal: 5 Tips for Storefront Swagger

Welcome back to The School of Stone! In past columns, I’ve touched on the importance of a brand and gone over an overview of the...
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Marijuana Is Legal! And With Legality Comes Great Responsibility

As you’ve likely realized, marijuana is legal! (For most Americans, at least.) California is beginning to settle into its first set of regulations, and...

California’s New Regs Say ‘Goodbye’ to Brokers, Branding

On Friday, California’s three cannabis licensing agencies released revisions to the proposed permanent regulations. Some of the changes were minor, while others took the...
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5 Ways to Thrive When the Bottom Drops Out of the Market

Cannabis oversupply in states like Oregon and the resulting potential for black-market diversion rightfully are causes for concern. In fact, "Too Much of a...
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Four Ways to Improve Bud Quality

Nutrition, temperature, lighting, and ventilation can make all the difference. With medical and recreational cannabis markets booming, growers who focus their energy on cultivating denser,...
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The Bogeyman that Wasn’t

Cannabis regulators are hypocrites when it comes to social consumption. Good journalism depends on solid relationships with sources who not only will return your calls...