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Tavarres King minority entrepreneurs mg Magazine

Minority Entrepreneurs Deserve Equitable Access to Capital

Creating wealth — particularly generational wealth — can be a complex process. Building wealth in a traditional sense using savings and investment tools has...
Cannabinoids for pets photo by New Africa mg Magazine

A Veterinarian’s Perspective on Cannabinoids for Pets

Noticed a few more furry friends in your Instagram feed lately? It’s not just you — 23 million American households acquired a cat or...
Harvest Scottsdale Arizona Dispensaries mg Magazine

Why Sales Growth Is Exploding at Arizona Dispensaries

Arizona began adult-use cannabis sales in January 2021 and since has become the second-highest-selling market Headset tracks (behind California). This is interesting because Arizona...
Cannabis payroll Illustrations Marie-Nova mg Magazine

Conquering Cannabis Payroll

Businesses understandably focus most of their attention on providing products and services, but cannabis payroll is equally important. Without employees, most businesses wouldn’t be...
Is CBD the right choice for sleep Amanda Carden mg Magazine

Myth-Busting: CBD, THC, and Sleep

Oh, the miraculous CBD. I am sure you have noticed the media hype and thousands, if not millions, of people claiming CBD has cured...
Australia cannabis legalization Lukasz-Stefanski mg Magazine

How Australia Accomplished Federal Cannabis Legalization

Over the past several years, I’ve been fortunate to travel the world thanks to cannabis. From rooftop parties in Tel Aviv and Toronto to...
outdoor cannabis cultivation photo by Ryland zweifel mg Magazine

Outdoor Cannabis Cultivation Requires a Special Touch

The term “cannabis cultivation” conjures images of patches of pot growing in fields that can be seen only from the air. Legalization in many...
Cannabis legalization San Francisco ShutterstockProfessional illustration mg Magazine

Looking Back on 25 Years of Cannabis Legalization

The past several years have been a whirlwind of progress for cannabis legalization — medically and recreationally and on a global level. To date,...
How to convert the canna-curious Joshua Resnick photo mg Magazine

5 Ways to Convert the Canna-Curious into Canna-Loyalists

I am fortunate to work with some of the world’s most prominent scientists studying phytocannabinoids and their effects, so I see things through a...
Cannabis concentrates Cy Scott photo by Mitch M mg Magazine

Cannabis Concentrates Trends in the U.S. and Canada

Cannabis Concentrates are a lot like the orange juice concentrate in your fridge—both are the results of extracting the best parts of the plant...