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Jerry King’s Cannabis Cartoon | August 2020

Award-winning cartoonist Jerry King is one of the most published and prolific cartoonists...

How the CBD Industry Can Earn Trust While Awaiting FDA Regulation

Over the past several years, CBD has surpassed every emerging health trend to become the hottest thing since sliced bread. According to...

Cannabis Companies Are Changing the Conversation for the Now—and the Future

Remember that week in March when things got very real about COVID-19? That week when “sheltering in place” and “social distancing” became...

Can an Economic Downturn Present Opportunities for Business Growth?

I am not the world’s biggest optimist. I just take comfort in facts over fiction. And the facts are that these crazy...

Is CBD on the Cusp of FDA Approval?

Don’t believe everything you read. Despite the widespread misinformation campaign that cannabidiol (CBD), which is believed to provide medical benefits, is fully...

How Cannabis Startups Can Stabilize Growth

It’s an open secret: Most startups run on chaos. In fact, many dismiss building a solid infrastructure and plan for growth, preferring...

Clean Grow Rooms Produce Higher Yields

Grow room hygiene is integral to a successful operation. Inadequate facility hygiene practices can present numerous issues, including pest infestations, plant pathogens,...

Structuring a Loyalty Program in the Cannabis Market

Rewards programs generate loyalty for businesses, especially in the emerging cannabis market, where early customer engagement is key to long-term success. But...

4 Secrets to Scaling a Cannabis Business

Scaling a business is always a high-stakes endeavor, but the risks are magnified in the legal cannabis space, where every business is...

Marketing Cancer: Consumer Advocates Say Patients Pay the Real Price

A friend recently was diagnosed with cancer. When you first hear the “C word,” life suddenly changes. The diagnosis creates fear, confusion,...