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Peter Horvath MGmagazine

Mega-Retailer Peter Horvath Brings His A Game to Cannabis: Will It Be Enough?

Peter Horvath hesitated slightly during a mid-November interview in Las Vegas. He was about to give away a secret of the retail trade. “I’m...
cbd oil

Tips for Success: A Short Guide to Stocking and Selling CBD

According to New Frontier Data, the U.S. CBD market is expected to grow to $1.9 billion in consumer sales by 2020, split almost evenly...
Garden Of Eden Exterior mg magazine

A Modern Makeover: Garden of Eden

For more than a decade, Garden of Eden resided in a nondescript building with mirrored windows and no signage. The utilitarian digs didn’t hamper...
cannabis pop display mg retailer

How Dispensary Product Displays Can Help Increase Sales

Visibility is an undeniably vital aspect of successful branding. After all, how can you convert a sale if the customer is unaware of your product's...
Cannabis Retail

What Was Hot in Pot Retail in 2018? (Infographic)

To figure out what's really going to resonate in cannabis retail in 2019, it's smart to take a quick look back. And BDS Analytics...
Cannabis licensing compliance mgretailer

California, Michigan, Crack Down on Unlicensed Cannabis Retailers

SACRAMENTO–The deadline for unlicensed cannabis dispensaries, collectives, and co-ops to come into licensing compliance in California was January 9, and leaves hundreds of the...
Wyld Gummies packaging.jpg

New Packaging Paradigms: Judging a Cannabis Product by Its Cover

Two thousand eighteen was the Year of the Package for the cannabis industry, for several reasons: Packaging compliance in many states changed radically, product...
Jardin store edit 2018 for sure final copy web MGmagazine

Putting on the Glitz: Cannabis Retail Adds Bling and Smarts to the Menu

When the Jardin cannabis dispensary opened in Las Vegas in 2016, discerning customers might have noticed something different about the weed shopping experience. Maybe...
Zen Leaf Illinois dispensary

Zen Leaf Illinois: Making a Buck and Making a Difference

Newsman Tom Brokaw once said “It’s easy to make a buck. It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.”  Thanks to undertaking a series...
Bloom Farms display mg magazine

All Dressed Up: Cannabis Packaging Goes Glam

Product packaging is a delicate blend of art, science, and technology. Not only must the container protect consumer goods during storage, shipping, and distribution,...