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EUFLORA FACEBOOK web mg magazine

Euflora 3D Offers More than Standard Cannabis Dispensary Fare

Unique among Colorado dispensaries—and even within its own six-location chain—Euflora 3D is a sensory experience, not just a destination. And that’s exactly how Pepe...
420 Sales mgretailer

4/20 Cultivated Huge Sales for Cannabis Dispensaries in 2019

April 20 is increasingly becoming a mainstream event as dispensaries deal with huge crowds and excitement on the high holiday of cannabis. However, what...

Vancouver’s City Cannabis Co.: Smart and Hip

Because City Cannabis Co. would be one of the first fully legal cannabis boutiques in Vancouver, Canada, founder and Chief Executive Officer Krystian Wetulani...
Apothecarium Entryway mg magazine

This Dispensary’s Commitment to Community Is More Than Meets the Eye

Ryan Hudson, co-founder and chief executive officer of The Apothecarium, envisioned a better dispensary experience. “Years ago, I was standing in line at a...
CURE Phoenixville mg magazine

Meet Some of the Brave Companies Building Cannabis Retail Chains

Sale of legal cannabis is a rare moment in retail history. It’s not often a prohibited substance makes the transition from backstreets to Main...
Salvera checkout mg magazine

Dispensary Design: How Salvera Is Doing It Right

Wright Wellness Group President Bridget Spruill knows a challenge when she sees one, and she certainly saw one in a nondescript bank building steps...
Senior Cannabis Tips mgretailer

3 Tips for Helping Senior Customers

Baby Boomers, or those born prior to 1965, aren’t babies anymore but they are the fastest growing consumer demographic for cannabis products. Media reports...
Diego Pellicer mg magazine

Better By Design: the Extraordinary Evolution of the Cannabis Dispensary

Not long ago, cannabis dispensaries were functional but hardly stylish. Nowadays, poorly lit establishments selling “pot” from funky jars in shady parts of town...
Planet13 Superstore DroneEntertainment mg magazine

Planet 13 in Las Vegas Is Perfectly Out of This World

When Larry Scheffler and Bob Groesbeck envisioned their Las Vegas dispensary, Planet 13, they insisted on one non-negotiable point: The shop had to present...
Chelsea Handler and Adrian Sedlin

Chelsea Handler Kicks Off Launch of Canndescent’s New Stylus

California cannabis company Canndescent celebrated the launch of its new Stylus line of rechargeable vape pens and cartridges on Saturday night with an exclusive,...