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Millenials 2 By View Apart ss  web mg magazine

Pay Attention to Millennials: They’re Going to Be Your Biggest Customers

The world is in the thick of the millennial moment. This year, the cohort of Americans who were born between 1981 and 1996, otherwise...
Spiritleaf JW2 0345 6 7 web mg magazine

Spiritleaf’s Emotion-Driven Model Is Franchising Its Way Across Canada

Calgary, Canada-based dispensary chain Spiritleaf aims to franchise nationwide. With eight locations open in Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan and another thirty-six expected to open...
POPCANN interior mgretailer

It’s a Cannabis Store in a Box with POPCANNs

TORONTO – Canadian modular construction company POPCANN has announced its line of prefabricated cannabis retail store structures created from repurposed shipping containers. The POPCANN...
David Elias Lowell Farms 0M7A3492 web mg magazine

Lowell Herb Co. CEO David Elias Builds a Bull Market Out West

For all the talk about vertically-integrated companies with deep pockets moving in to dominate the cannabis industry, leave it to a lean-and-mean upstart with...
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Ready, Set, Shop: Making Your Showroom Shine

We left off our Customer Journey series at Touchpoint 5: Private Consultation Spaces. Your own dispensary may not have need for private consultation areas,...
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What’s Hot in Pot Retail: Ingestibles (Infographic)

Sublinguals and edibles aren't just climbing in popularity as a cannabis trend. In addition to gaining a share of the consumer dollar, ingestibles are...
Edie Parker Flower Luxury Cannabis Expensive MGretailer

For Real? Fashion House Debuts $450 Lighters and $955 Stash Bag

In the market for a $1,000 bag to transport your $15 gram of cannabis flower? What about a $450 lighter? The perfect brand for...
cannabis oil mg magazine

Concentrates: The Hottest Product Category in Cannabis (Infographic)

Cannabis consumers, particularly in adult-use markets, are gravitating toward this stronger, discreet, portable product category. Within the category, nearly 60 percent of concentrate spending...
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A Photo Tour of Four Emerald Triangle Dispensaries

Dispensing...beautiful pics. Photographer Mike Rosati recently visited four Emerald Triangle dispensaries with four totally different vibes: laid-back Proper Wellness Center in Eureka; solar-powered Emerald...
EUFLORA FACEBOOK web mg magazine

Euflora 3D Offers More than Standard Cannabis Dispensary Fare

Unique among Colorado dispensaries—and even within its own six-location chain—Euflora 3D is a sensory experience, not just a destination. And that’s exactly how Pepe...