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Hall of Flowers Sept 2019 mg magazine cannabis news 9178

A SoCal Splashdown at Hall of Flowers (Report and Photo Gallery)

The Hall of Flowers B2B trade show in Santa Rosa has evolved over the last two years into one of the biggest such shows...
Cannabis Vape Crisis Sales Drop mgretailer

Ongoing Health Epidemic Responsible for Declining Vape Product Sales

Cannabis vaping products have been steadily rising in popularity and gaining ground on flower sales for several years. Due to the nationwide emergence of...
cannabis flower and money

Just How Big Is the Legal California Market?

The nascent California market is primed to grow bigger no matter how "wild west" the regulatory landscape is in its current state, mainly because...
High Style Canna Beer mg magazine

4 Experts Take on Your Top Questions About Consumables

Increasingly, consumers are demanding consumables. Edibles, beverages, tinctures, and sublinguals are taking a big bite out of the market. Hungry for more info? Here,...
Atrium Dispensary mg magazine top view

Atrium Dispensary: Targeting the Southern California Luxury Market

The first thing visitors notice upon entering Atrium in Woodland Hills, California, is the strange absence of the classic dank dispensary waft. With freshly...
Original Pot Co cookies mg magazine

Gobbling Up the Market: Consumers Increasingly Seek Ingestible Products

Consumers have spoken, and they want to consume cannabis. In rapidly growing numbers, both connoisseurs and the curious prefer cannabinoid-infused treats, snacks, drinks, and...
woman shopper vr goggles cannabis retail technology

Futuristic Technologies May Be the Path Forward for Cannabis Retail

From artificial intelligence to augmented reality, it's a new frontier for cannabis retail. Here, four experts chime in on your burning questions. In what ways...
Weedmaps mgretailer

Weedmaps Will No Longer Host Illegal Cannabis Businesses

IRVINE, Calif. – Online cannabis platform Weedmaps on Wednesday announced they will no longer host pages for illegal cannabis retailers. "Weedmaps always has and will...
tommy chong mg magazine

Lights, Camera, Cannabis: Celebrities Cash In!

When consumers spend their hard-earned dollars, do they really buy into images of sweaty yet existentially handsome Matthew McConaughey trail-running through a primordial forest...
California BDS Analytics mgretailer

California’s Legal Cannabis Market Bogged Down by Black Market

BOULDER, Colo. – Cannabis industry market data research firms BDS Analytics and Arcview Market Research have released a new report titled California: Lessons from...