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Temple Extracts Has Deep Roots In Cannabis

Temple Extracts’ fine oil is a product of its founders’ lifelong commitment to organics and sustainability. When and if the potential of the cannabis movement...
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The 710: A Quick Glossary for Marijuana Oils and Concentrates

710: upside down, spells “OIL.” Butane Hash Oil (BHO)/Budder/Honey/Honey Oil: A highly potent concentrate of cannabinoids made by dissolving marijuana in plant form in a...
Flavor Behavior

Flavor Behavior and Common Scents

Should flavors be in the mix for your brand? Tastes and smells sell. While visuals grab consumer attention, the sensual experience makes memories. Consumable goods...
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Extraction Essentials

Distilling the modern essentials of an age-old process. Extracting the essence of plants is an ancient process, whether you’re a perfumer preserving attar of roses,...