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ionic 2019product single use PURE mg magazine

Ionic Disposable Pen

Known primarily for its small-batch oils and concentrates, Ionic also offers disposable pens. Each black or white device is filled with 0.5mg of single-strain...

Yocan UNI Box Mod

This width- and height-adjustable mod with variable voltage and a magnetic pod grip works with almost all 510 oil atomizers. Pushbutton operation; window for...
Bloom Dart mg magazine

Bloom Dart Pod

The palm-sized Dart Pod offers a powerful experience with a battery life 35 percent longer than a standard 510 and a universal charger. TheBloomBrand.com   Here are...
Eden Vape 7083 Diamond Line mg magazine

Eden Extracts Diamond Line

In sleek, minimalist white, the Diamond Line battery is elegant. The chrome-plated mouthpiece and extra vents on the cart make for a smooth experience....
oPEN vape2 mg magazine

O.penVAPE 2.0 Variable Voltage Battery

O.penVAPE’s 2.0 carries forward its predecessor’s compact design and 510-thread compatibility and adds four voltage modes, new color options, and a twenty-minute rapid-charge feature. OpenVAPE.com   Here...
Snoop Dogg Casa Verde Idose mgretailer

Snoop Dogg’s Investment Firm Funds Precise Dosing Vape Pen

Precise dosing is the holy grail of the cannabis industry. Ever wonder exactly which part of the cookie most of the THC is in?...
420 Sales mgretailer

4/20 Cultivated Huge Sales for Cannabis Dispensaries in 2019

April 20 is increasingly becoming a mainstream event as dispensaries deal with huge crowds and excitement on the high holiday of cannabis. However, what...
20160803 lola pax 924

4 Handheld Vapes That are Perfect for Tech-Savvy Consumers

As flower sales continue to drop, consumers really seem to be taking to more discreet ways of using cannabis. Vaporizers, especially of the handheld...

Cannabis Users Buying Less Flower, More Edibles, Oils

DENVER - Cannabis consumers are changing their product preferences, moving from flower to smoke-free items like infused edibles, concentrates, pills, and other products. "The actual old-school...

Michael Holly of The Evergreen Market Cannabis Dispensary

“Business is great!” said Michael Holly, who has been the GM of The Evergreen Market for 7 months. In fact, they have just opened...