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420 Parties Raise the Bar This Year

April 20 has become a national cannabis holiday with celebrations held all over. While we wish we could be everywhere at once, we were...
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Westside Bar Association Holds ‘Cannabis Court’ on 420

BEVERLY HILLS – The Westside Bar Association (WBA) is adding to the many festivities planned for 420 by hosting Cannabis Court, which is not...

Los Angeles 420 Games event brings crowds to the beach

SANTA MONICA - “It’s the age of discovery,” former linebacker for the Cincinnati Bengals Reggie Williams said, from the Pure Ratios booth at the...

mg Sponsors 420 Games in Santa Monica: Get Complimentary Tix!

Yes, the second annual 420 Games Los Angeles are taking place on April 1, but this is no joke. The cannabis magazine mg (mgretailer.com) is sponsoring the...
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420 Games Go the Extra Mile for Good Health in Golden Gate Park

Metaphorically speaking, that is! Due to cars parking on the course, this year's run in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park had to be cut...
large crowd of people shopping on black friday at outdoor mall

Is Canna Christmas (420) Green Answer to Black Friday?

Brick and mortar retail has struggled to keep up profitability in recent years.  According to Time Magazine, in 2015, Black Friday sales fell one...

Officials In Canada Add To 4/20 Celebrations

April 20th is generally full of cannabis celebrations across the globe.  Officials in Canada seemed to be caught up in the spirit. Yesterday, on marijuana’s...

The Final 420 Before Marijuana Is Rescheduled?

The term 420 has become interchangeable with marijuana so much so that it no longer functions as a code word. It is now widely...