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Cannabis and Coronavirus: As Multiple Crises Hit the U.S., Cannabis Remains Resilient

NATIONWIDE – As summer turns to autumn, the U.S. is confronting natural disasters and crisis on several fronts, in addition to the...

Medical Marijuana Qualifies for Nebraska Ballot but Faces Legal Challenges

LINCOLN, Neb. – An initiative to legalize medical marijuana is set to appear on the Nebraska ballot this November, at least as...
Kamala Harris Biden VP Cannabis mgretailer-mg magazine

Could Joe Biden’s Selection of Kamala Harris for VP Impact Cannabis Policy?

WILMINGTON, Del. – Former Vice President and Democratic nominee for the 2020 Presidency, Joe Biden, has selected Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as...

Cannabis Legalization Measures Qualify for 2020 Ballot in Two States

It’s been a big week for cannabis activists as legalization measures have qualified for the ballot in two states.Mississippi’s Secretary of State...
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Biden Tries to Clean up Cannabis “Gateway Drug” Comments

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has weighed in on cannabis for the second consecutive week. In an attempt to clean up comments...
Joe Biden cannabis gateway drug mgretailer mg magazine

Biden Not Looking to Legalize Cannabis Because it Could be “a Gateway Drug”

As we move closer to the 2020 presidential election, cannabis advocates are hopeful that federal prohibition’s end is finally on the horizon.Unfortunately,...
Bernie Sanders Cannabis Legalization Plan mgretailer

Bernie Sanders’ Plan Would Legalize Cannabis in First 100 Days of Presidency

Federal cannabis legalization could become a reality after the 2020 presidential election, especially if Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) takes the White House.
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“Bern” One? Bernie Sanders Talks Cannabis Legalization With Joe Rogan

Cannabis legalization is backed by most of the Democratic Party’s candidates vying for the party’s nomination, with the notable exception of former Vice President...