Study: Cannabis Users Mostly Want it for Sleep and Pain Relief

Cannabis for Sleep Aid

A new study shows that cannabis users are generally more likely to be using the drug to get to sleep than to lose sleep partying.

If the “stoner” partying stereotype was not already out of date, maybe now it can finally be put to rest. A new study by Consumer Research Around Cannabis found that sleep and pain relief were the primary reasons people reported using cannabis.

The study questioned 1,258 users primarily located in Denver (a small number of respondents were lived in Wyoming and Nebraska). Of those surveyed, 47.2% reported using cannabis to help them get to sleep. The same number of respondents claimed that they used marijuana for pain management. About 45% of those in the study claimed to use cannabis to combat depression and anxiety and 32.5% used cannabis to help expand their creative thoughts. Only 28.5% of cannabis users claimed that having a good time with friends was their primary reason for using the drug. Users apparently were able to state multiple reasons for why they used cannabis.

Cannabis may offer a better alternative to prescription sleep aids. Medications such as Ambien are known to be habit-forming or addictive and can provide grogginess and other unwanted side effects such as sleepwalking, memory loss, and late-night binge eating.