Calyx Containers: Changing the Future of Cannabis Packaging

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“It feels like holding a little jewel.” —Nate Lipton, Growers Network, about the Calyx Containers 7ml concentrate container

You wouldn’t know it, but to create that kind of reaction is the result of an iterative process that took years to perfect. Calyx Containers, founded in Boston in 2016, is on a mission to change the cannabis packaging space and, although the company now offers some of the best products on the market, Calyx is determined never to stop seeking excellence for dispensaries, wholesalers, growers, end-consumers, and the planet.


A new era of child-resistant packaging

In 2016, Calyx Containers entered the cannabis packaging space with its easily recognizable square cannabis container. One of the main reasons the container is so unique is the innovative child-resistant-certified cap closure. The innovative closure is a senior-friendly alternative to the classic push-and-twist cap that has become the standard in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. Now, patients and consumers with dexterity issues finally have a storage option they can access easily.

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Sustainable to the core

In addition to the child-safe closure, Calyx Containers has spent considerable time and effort refining its resealable, bi-injection-molded cap. The cap is one piece with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gasket, which is compatible with the polypropylene (PP) cap and base. This allows for Calyx flower containers to be 100-percent recyclable. Additionally, because the cap and gasket are bi-injection-molded, the production process is a near-zero-waste procedure. Traditional round containers use non-recyclable PE foam inserts that are adhered into the caps. Those round inserts are cut from square sheets resulting in about 32 percent non-recyclable waste. Calyx’s American-made square containers allow for more efficient shipping and easier filling and inventory processes. The company constantly strives to improve future iterations of Calyx Containers in order to make them as sustainable as possible.

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Efficiencies across the board

When the Calyx Containers team plans for customer efficiency, they don’t analyze just the product packaging itself. The team examines the entire seed-to-sale process to identify key pain points where Calyx Containers, as a company, can alleviate customer headaches. Inventory management is a big one. This is why Calyx offers its customers trays that conveniently number and efficiently store the containers in perfectly designed inserts that fit neatly in stacks or in existing Uline rack systems. Gone are the days when keeping track of inventory was a nightmare.

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The next evolution of concentrate container

Once Calyx perfected its child-resistant cap technology, the company turned all available resources toward the production of its best-in-class glass concentrate container. In order to do so, the firm went to every glass manufacturer in the U.S. to see whether they could produce a square-neck container. Unfortunately, every manufacturer declined. Thus, Calyx set out to find a partner in Germany, a country known for its quality, and there it found the perfect partner. Calyx concentrate containers are made from premium glass and arrive at customers’ doorsteps clean and ready to fill.

Additionally, Calyx offers the option to add a premium FEP liner to the concentrate containers. The liner ensures consumers won’t end up with a percentage of their concentrates caught in the cap. These FEP liners are thermoformed to fit in the caps and create a perfect seal every time the cap is closed. Extruding and molding the FEP liner takes an extraordinary amount of effort, but Calyx believes the result is worth the extra effort in the long run.

So, what’s next for Calyx? Given innovation, sustainability, and customer experience are at the core of its business, you can expect new cannabis-packaging-related solutions coming down the pipeline in the near future.

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