Sweet Grass Kitchen Cannabutter

You know how some ideas are so simple, they’re revolutionary? This THC-infused creamery butter could be one of those concepts, and is currently available on cannabis retail shelves in Colorado.

For anyone who may enjoy real butter on toast, corn on the cob, or for dipping crab (or lobster, or shrimp), this infusion can be used in its purest, melted-buttery form. But for bakers and chefs that like to make their own homemade baked goods, candies, and other edibles, this product can save some time and effort.


“As you know, making cannabutter at home is such a guessing game [in regards to dose and portion sizes], but with our cannabutter, you know exactly what you’re going to get,” Sweet Grass Kitchen Marketing Coordinator Kristy Gustafson said.

That convenience for the consumer shouldn’t be underestimated, especially since many potential customers may find it too time-consuming or difficult to produce their own cannabutter. Cannabis-curious cooks who otherwise might not consider making cannabis edibles at home could be encouraged to bake up a batch of infused goodies, if the have easy access to ingredients they can measure accurately.

“We source clarified butter and then infuse it with an uplifting hybrid strain of full-flower cannabis—some of which is grown right here in-house. Just like the full-flower cannabutter we use in our own edibles, it’s slow-simmered and triple-strained. It takes about twelve hours on average to complete a batch,” she explained.

“As for serving suggestions, it’s really up to the consumer,” Gustafson said further. “Of course, we always say ‘start low, go slow’ while figuring out their desired dose. Each stick is scored into 10mg slices, so, you can throw it on a steak or toast, in your coffee, or use a whole stick for a batch of cookies. The product is set up to be used as a single serving, half, or whole. Sky’s the limit, really.”

“The consumer reaction has been fantastic and very receptive,” Gustafson confirmed. “Along with our butter, we also launched our online Butter Forum for the community to share recipes and get some additional inspiration. Lots of cool things being done with the butter; everything from Pineapple Upside Down Cakes, Bacon-wrapped Jalapeno Poppers, and even Lobster Eggs Benedict with a cannabutter aioli sauce.

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