Undoo Gives Marijuana Users a Chance to Press Reset

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They say you can’t go back in time and fix your mistakes, but Undoo begs to differ.

According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, marijuana has yet to cause any fatalities. But there have been quite a few people who have had less than desirable experiences, usually in the form of overwhelming anxiety. In fact, anxiety is the leading reason for trips to the emergency room for marijuana.

As new states and marijuana markets come online, the chances of people over ingesting increases. This is especially true with novice users, especially when it comes to edible marijuana. Edibles take much longer to produce a psychedelic buzz than smoking or vaping. Since edibles can take up to two hours to set in, many inexperienced consumers will assume they need to eat more.


This is where the problems can start.

Besides a terrible night and an unnecessary visit to the ER, a bad experience with marijuana can turn people off indefinitely. This is not great news for businesses, patients, or customers.

But Undoo has a solution. Undoo soft gels can eliminate the psychoactive and anxiety feelings that overwhelm some marijuana users.

“Undoo can help people utilize cannabis without fear,” Sarara Corva, President of Undoo told mg.

Undoo SoftgelsUndoo Softgels were developed by James Carberry who has medicated for with marijuana for years to treat his glaucoma. Carberry has helped others learn about and medicate safely with medical marijuana for years and has trained about 350 budtenders along the way.

But as much as Carberry stressed that beginners take things slow, he wanted a solution in case patients did not heed his warnings or accidentally ingested too much.

Without a product to recommend, Carberry started to look into his own solution. Finally, he was able to develop and release Undoo Softgels, a remedy that is made from olivtal, a plant-based molecule. “It’s a small molecule that pushes the THC off the CB1 receptors and stops the psychoactivity immediately,” according to Corva.

In an ideal world, no one would ever exceed their recommended dosages or have a less than desirable experience with marijuana. But unfortunately, that simply is not reality. Even warning descriptive warning labels cannot totally prevent bad experiences.

“Proactive measures on warning labels are effective, but there is never going to be a way of eliminating accidental ingestion,” Corva said.

But with Undoo, an accidental ingestion does not have to ruin your entire day.

“Depending on the mode of consumption, you are going to feel the effects between three to 20 minutes,” Corva said. “For two hours after you take Undoo, you wont get high.”

According to Corva, Undoo is also a great product for seasoned marijuana users. Undoo can help frequent users create a “tolerance reset,” according to Corva. This could be great for those who still want to consume marijuana but wish to avoid increasing their dosage to achieve ideal results.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive for Undoo. You can check out their customer testimonials on their webpage. Undoo Softgels are available across the nation.