Small Batch. Big Profits.

Craft Reserve Spread 01
Craft Reserve Spread 01

Craft Reserve from O.pen Vape is addressing the industry demand for small batch cannabis products.

“When you pair the best oil, the best hardware, the best brand, and the best shops, you have prescribed a recipe for success that the entire cannabis industry can celebrate.”—Dawn Roberts, O.penVAPE



LAUNCH: Craft RESERVE, April 2016

THE IDEA: Make a pen with higher potencies and better taste.

INNOVATION: “Our new distillation process delivers both [potency and taste],” said Dawn Roberts, O.penVAPE’S chief marketing officer. “We start with only CO2-extracted cannabis oil that is then distilled to remove plant waste including fats, waxes, and chlorophyll. Once the waste is removed, we can separate and purify both the oil and the strain-specific cannabis terpenes. Once the terpenes and the distillate oil are purified, we then bring them back together for a delicious, highly potent distilled oil with total cannabinoid counts often above 90 percent. We then [use a] modified a stainless-steel-and-glass cartridge to have the proper internal workings to accommodate the more viscous oil. The result is the finest cannabis oil on the planet served up in a high-end glass-and-stainless-steel cartridge and attached to a truly revolutionary battery that puts the consumer in control of their experience.”

TARGET AUDIENCE:  Cannaseurs. “They demand not only superior potency but have now become more refined in their expectation of taste,” noted Roberts.

SMALL BATCH/BIG GROWTH: “This is one of the fastest-growing segments in cannabis, whether it be boutique flower or small batch, artisan concentrates,” said Roberts.

RESPONSE: “We literally cannot keep it on the shelves. After winning the U.S. Cannabis Cup in Colorado and now the Connoisseurs Cup, the secret is out. Shops have been very receptive to Craft because it is something they can be proud of,” said Roberts.

DISTRIBUTION: “Craft RESERVE is just the latest reason to celebrate our partnerships with the almost 1,200 dispensaries in nine states. Craft is available in Arizona, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada. It is coming soon in Connecticut, New Mexico, and Oregon,” Roberts said.

THE BOTTOM LINE: “We regularly hear that we are the best-selling product in a dispensary outside of their flower,” Roberts said. “In addition to being the most widely distributed products in cannabis, we are also one of the highest-margin products a shop can sell. It’s the perfect pairing: huge demand, high-quality products, and best-in-class sales and marketing support. Craft RESERVE is the pinnacle of this offering. When you pair the best oil, the best hardware, the best brand, and the best shops, you have prescribed a recipe for success that the entire cannabis industry can celebrate.”


Small batchCraft RESERVE stands out from its competition for three main reasons:

  1. Only high-quality, hand-selected cannabis flower is used. “We do not use trim to make this product,” noted Roberts.
  1. The CO2-extracted cannabis oil and strain-specific terpenes are distilled for maximum potency and flavor.
  1. Only strain-specific cannabis terpenes go into the product. “No fake terpenes or non-cannabis material whatsoever goes into Craft,” said Roberts.