Lagunitas to Brew IPA Cannabis Beer

Lagunitas Supercritical Cannabis Beer

Supercritical is an IPA that is made with terpenes and cannabis oils.

With the popularity of craft beer and cannabis rising simultaneously, a fusion of the two was bound to happen. Lagunitas, a brewery owned by Heineken, is now planning on bringing a cannabis IPA beer to the market.

Lagunitas has partnered with Cannacraft, a cannabis vape cartridge maker to create Supercritical, a cannabis infused IPA. Although the brew utilizes cannabis terpenes for flavor, it will not produce any psychedelic effects associated with cannabis use. There is no THC in Supercritical but the beer does include citrus and pine flavors often associated with certain cannabis flowers.


For now, Lagunitas will only offer their new beer in California. They have not announced any plans known as of yet to expand into the national market. Dude’s Brew, based out of Colorado, is another cannabis infused beer. Unlike Lagunitas, Dude’s Brew has actually received federal approval to sell “General Washington’s Secret Brew” nationally. Like Lagunitas, Dude’s Brew cannabis beer does not include THC.

Cannabis and hops are members of the same flowering family of plants, making their pairing more likely than one may think. Like beer, cannabis is versatile when it comes to taste and variety. Lagunitas mixed two popular strains of cannabis to create Supercritical’s formula. Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies marijuana strains were the selected strains and are very popular with cannabis aficionados.