Making Gummies the Americanna Way

americanna potleaf gummies 1
americanna potleaf gummies 1

A brief Q&A with Americanna’s president Dan Anglin.


Explain the origins of Americanna, and why gummies?


Americanna was born out of a concern for higher-quality food products and a vision to change the concept of “food grade cannabis oil” from low-quality decarb to the highest quality distillate. Additionally, the vision was to create proprietary shapes for gummies and other food products that would resonate with consumers and allow anyone to recognize these products were cannabis products, thereby preventing confusion for non-consumers. We chose gummies because I was an owner and Frank was the top representative of one of the largest cannabis gummy companies in the space, and that’s where our passion lives. We learned a lot building the first large edibles brand and used those experiences to build the next brand for a global market.

What is the true secret to a great cannabis gummy? How do you maintain dosage consistency? Can you improve upon your gummies?

The secret is that the candy itself has to be delicious. High-quality food ingredients combined with high-quality distillate cannabis oil is the secret to Americanna’s success as the number-one-selling product in edibles. Dosage consistency is achieved through metered dosing, and the details on that are trade secrets for the company. However, there are laboratory processes and equipment that we utilize to achieve accurate dosing, which is proven in our testing. We don’t plan to improve the gummies anytime soon, as we’ve taken the time to get it right.

Our new line of gummies, called CannaPuffs, are an aerated gummy that have a better mouth feel, consistency, and taste and are unique to the marketplace, which shows our consumers we are always innovating to provide them the best possible product.

Americanna will diversify into other edible products, as well as other segments of the market, so our loyal consumers can have a variety of products to choose from since they have confidence in the quality of our brand.

What is your current market share? Any new products on the horizon? 

According to BDS Analytics, in just three quarters of 2016 (we launched the brand in April 2016), we have taken the fifth top spot as a brand in Colorado. Additionally, our sour gummies SKU was the number-one-selling individual product for the year, and our sweet gummies SKU was the number-five-selling product.

We now have the CannaPuffs line and individual flavors, but we are working on multiple new products to be released in 2017. Expanding the menu is a priority for the company, as well as expanding into other regulated markets to bring our brand to those states.