Featured Products for November 2018: Psychoactive

Leira Cannagars mg magazine

Leira Handcrafted Cannagars
These handcrafted, world-class cannabis cigars are made from organic flowers, glazed in solvent-free rosin, and sealed in Washington-state-grown cannabis leaves to provide hours of enjoyment. In Cannarillo (4g THC) and Corona (12g THC) sizes; available in Washington state only.

Fruit Slabs
Medicated, all-natural fruit leathers concocted with vegan and organic ingredients. Each slab is infused with 100mg of THC. Single-slab pouches provide even dosing. In OG Mango, Mango Wowie, Granddaddy Grape, and Tropical Haze flavors. Lab-tested and handmade in California.



Conceived to be convenient and discreet, Medimints combine purified cannabis oil with premium CO2 to deliver synergistic, consistent effects. Sugar-, gluten-, dairy-, soy-, and nut-free; in 100mg and 250mg doses for easy micro-dosing. Available in Colorado and Nevada.


Zendo Almonds
Zendo infuses almonds with medical grade cannabis oil and other natural ingredients to create its savory treats. Each 1.5-ounce package contains 100mg THC in either Honey Cocoa or Spicy Honey Sea Salt flavors. The company sources ingredients from environmentally conscious, organic producers.


Heavy Grass vapes
Each of Heavy Grass’s three vapes features cannabis-derived terpenes from the original strain, incorporating natural terpenes from other fruits and herbs. An innovative top airflow design produces heavy plumes, and the medical-grade glass construction with a ceramic heating core provides consistent hits with no burnt taste.