Dank Tank Is Helping Oils Roll Into The Modern Age

dank tank
dank tank

With so many new options to consume cannabis, Dank Tank is leading the way with their clean quality oils.

As the appeal of cannabis increases, so does the number of consumable forms. Lighting up a joint may have been the norm for decades, but as Dank Tank’s website states, “technology has advanced to the point where a user of cannabis is no longer required to burn lumber” to achieve the desired effect.

As is the case with many in the cannabis community, Dank Tank founder and Chief Executive Officer Keyan Shokraie reached a point where smoking cannabis was at odds with other components of his life. “I couldn’t smoke with my baby in the house, so I started to think about how I could use my product where the footprint of my product would not be harmful to those around me,” he said.


After taking a job as a sales manager for an electronic cigarette company, he noticed vaping did not seem to be a passing fad. Many smoke shop owners disagreed, though, and the e-cig company failed. With lessons learned from the experience, Shokraie turned his sights on the cannabis industry.

Founded in 2011, Dank Tank’s mission is to provide safe, discreet, and clean access to cannabis extracts and oils. Shokraie considers his co-workers part of his family and has been friends with Jumane Redway, vice president of sales and marketing, since the two were in second grade. “Dank Tank would not be doable without the people behind us,” Shokraie said.

While most companies in the extract market focus on only a handful of varieties, Dank Tank typically carries oils from approximately twenty-four different strains at any given time. This level of choice is a rarity for most cannabis consumers. “We think about Baskin Robbins a lot when we think about the different types of strains we offer,” Redway said.

Choice may be the key to the company’s future. “I see [cannabis] being the same as wine and beer,” Redway said. “Twenty years ago, you did not see that many microbreweries. Now you see them everywhere. We see ourselves as craft artisan connoisseurs.”

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