Betty Khronic Vegan Energy Bars Product Preview

Betty Khronic

Betty Khronic wants to “raise the bar higher.” Their Vegan Energy Bars are setting an industry standard that is hard to match. These tasty treats been crafted to help create a boost of energy while providing a natural way to heal muscles before and after a long workout. Beyond the physical benefits, Betty Khronic also sets out to stimulate the mind. This plant-based goodie is also ideal for those seeking to enhance creativity.

Betty Khronic uses no artificial ingredients or preservatives. They also left out GMOs, gluten, caffeine, added sugar and all of the other things we can do without. There is no Red Dye 40 or Saccharin here. Betty Krhronic uses flavors that are recognizable. Something just seems better about raw almonds, coconut canna-oil, and raw cacao than lab-created flavoring.


Consumers are encouraged to start off with a low dose serving. Each energy bar contains 40 mg of THC with two bars coming in each box. Information on allergies, dosage, and ingredients are included on every package. Traditional food labeling information is also printed on every box.

Betty Khronic tests their products through a laboratory to ensure safety and consistency.

100% Organic * 100% Vegan * 100% Raw * 100% GlutenFree

Available throughout California