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Sex Anthropologist Carrie Borzillo Tries The Newly Re-launched Foria Female Sexual Enhancer- “A Few Sprays To My Love Button And I was On Fire” – And Goes On A Magical “Tips-Of-My-Toes-To-My-Eyelashes” Orgasmic Tour.

Just when I thought I’ve done it all, I got my vagina high. I never planned on it. I never needed to. But, when a friend told me that she started using Foria, a personal lubricant for sex made with cannabis extract, her story amazed me. “I never had orgasms before I used it and now that I’ve been using it, I have them all the time,” Amber told me. “What’s even better is that even when I don’t use the Foria, I can have orgasms without it. It’s almost like it taught me how to have an orgasm.”

Well, if it worked for someone like her, what would it do for someone like me who is (thank you, Jesus!) multi-orgasmic with a high libido and, in all honestly, needs little to get me going? Would it be like giving a rock hard guy some Viagra? Would it be like feeding a Gremlin water after midnight? Would it be overkill for my libido? Should I even dare?


Being the sexual anthropologist that I am, I put my journalist cap on and asked more female friends if they’ve tried it. Luckily, I have some friends in “high places” such as Ashley, host of the Carnalcopia podcast. She swears by it, and she, like me, is not carnally challenged. “One of the things I love about Foria is it forces me to slow down and enjoy the build up. Because it takes 20-30 minutes to fully kick in after application, I have time to relax into my body. Once Foria takes effect, I can feel everything. My bits are a bundle of orgasmic energy just begging to be released,” Ashley told me.

I dug a little deeper and found out Foria is ideal for women who suffer from the sexual dysfunction, Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD), which means they lack sexual desire. Since I’m more on the hyper side than hypo, I feared it would supercharge my sex. When in doubt, ask your local budtender, right?. Olivia at GreenWolf LA in Los Feliz, California was just the person.

“It’s not going to be that strong,” Olivia assured me. “It’s really effective, but don’t worry.”

“Do women like me get it, though?”

“Well, not really. We get a lot of women in here who say they can’t orgasm or maybe they’re bored with their partner and need help getting in the mood,” she said.

Okay. I’m going for it.

Before I went on my next sex and sativa adventure, she gave me three tips: One, try it by itself, as in, don’t also smoke or vape or munch on an edible while you use it so you can feel the affects on its own. Two, the box says to apply it 20-40 minutes in advance, but most people say 35-40 minutes is best. Three, DO NOT use a latex condom with it. It will break!

I stocked up on my favorite non-latex condoms (LifeStyles SKYN Large) and invited my friend-with-benefits to be my guinea pig for this one. The suggested serving is 4-8 sprays and each spray is approximately 2 mg of THC so I started with 5 sprays to my clit and inside, but after 30 minutes I added three more and was good to go.

The first thing I liked about it was it didn’t smell like weed. This was a good thing. As much as my partner likes the smell of weed, a skunky vagina is not a sexy vagina. Foria is pretty much tasteless as well, so, yes, it’s good for oral, too. And, the texture of the lube was like coconut oil, which makes sense because Foria is made with pure cannabis extract and food-grade coconut oil. The glide factor was really nice, too.

I started feeling heightened sensations about 25 minutes into our foreplay but about 40 minutes I could tell it really kicked in and my entire body was on fire. My clit was extra sensitive (but not over-sensitized) and every thrust felt magical. The build-up was very powerful and when the orgasm came it was stronger than ever and rippled through my body from the tips of my toes to my eyelashes. Yeah, hmmm, I think it’s safe to say that I felt that orgasm through my eyelashes, that’s how powerful it was.

Now if only I could do one-stop shopping for my sex and sativa needs at my weed store. I had to give Olivia a call and make this suggestion: “Hey, in the display with the Foria, you guys should sell non-latex condoms too so I don’t have to go to a drugstore to get them… ooh, and maybe add some cute little hemp sex toys as well! They make them, you know?!”

“Good idea,” Olivia laughed.

Fingers’ crossed!

Q&A: Matthew Gerson, Wellness Director/Founder of Foria, on pleasure, price, potency & that oh-so-good “localized affect.”

sexWhy did you create Foria?
We wanted to create something that would enhance people’s lives through pleasure and intimacy. There is so much research out there that shows that sexual expression and pleasure benefits our mental and physical health. We wanted to create something that would benefit health through giving people greater access to pleasure.

This has always been a focus for me. I happen to have a background in sexual health and wellness products—I co-founded a condom company that increases access to safe sex around the world—and I have always been interested in the way that pleasure enhances our lives.

What are the effects of Foria?
Everyone’s experience with Foria is unique but we consistently hear from women that it can help with relaxation and it enhances their experience around pleasure and intimacy. Because Foria is a topical, it does not create the “high” that smoking or ingesting cannabis does. Instead, the effects are localized [to the clitoris where it’s mean to be sprayed.]

How did you test it?
Our first batch went out to 50 women from mid-20’s to mid-60’s. We weren’t sure what the reaction would be. Everyone’s experience was highly personal and unique but positive enough that we kept going and refining the formula.

Now, we have a community of more than ten thousand of women who have tried Foria. We have been encouraged and inspired by the feedback we are getting about the impact. We have heard from women who have found new depth in pleasure and also from women who have experienced real challenges around sex and intimacy and have found benefits.

How much THC is in Foria?
Each spray contains 3mg of THC.

What about the price?
For 10 ml spray bottle it is $44. We feel that the product gives great value.

For wholesale order:

Foria is scent-free and handcrafted from the female flower of the cannabis plant (one of the oldest aphrodisiacs in the world) and includes 100% natural liquid coconut oil which gives it an antimicrobial property. Together, the two ingredients go through a “solvent-less” extraction process that creates a highly refined cannabis liquid that is easy and safe to use.

*Apply 4-8 sprays directly to the clitoris.

*Allow anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to relax and absorb the medicine.

*Begin pleasuring yourself or engaging with your partner.

*There are approximately 30 servings in each spray bottle.

By Carrie Borzillo