Why Numa, Why Now: The Making of a Singular Brand

NUMA unspecified 2 clip
NUMA unspecified 2 clip

The minimal-calorie, low-sugar, low-fat, and easy-dosing evanesce powder is not quite an edible or sublingual but is replete with flavor, flexibility, and spirit. Nicholas Bunker, the president of Numa, weighs in.

The pitch
First and most obvious, we are different and provide another category for [dispensary] shelves. NUMA allows consumers the option of turning their favorite food into an edible if used as a topping or additive, or they can directly ingest it through their sublingual glands as it instantly melts in the mouth.

We settled on the five point star when Doug pointed out there are five sections of the human flavor palate—sweet, sour, salt, bitter, umami—and with this new edible format, we could express them all. One day, Doug said to me, “How do you feel about the name Numa based on the Greek word ‘pneuma’ which translates to ‘the breath or wind of spirit?’”


In June 2016, we were ready to launch but decided to hold back after our patent attorney said, “I think your patent is going to get approved.” In December 2016, our patent was not only approved but split into two. Our methodology was approved and our composition is still pending. The main purpose of our patent is twofold: one, to make cannabis concentrates easier to use for the culinary industry, and two, to make dosage control precise and manageable in the edible and sublingual format.

In both NUMA Light and NUMA Sky we have the following three: Pineapple/Rose, White Chocolate/Cinnamon, and Parmesan/Peppercorn/Clove. For NUMA Rose, our first offering is Chocolate/Hempseed, my personal favorite. Doug is very proud of the Parmesan/Peppercorn/Clove.

Innovative Edibles is the brainchild of our executive chef, Doug DeGeeter. He was a food person who loved cannabis, and I was a cannabis person who loved food. Doug identified a hole in the marketplace with NUMA—“an edible more fit for the 21st century.” It is truly amazing how much flavor can be contained in less than two grams of food ingredients. This is especially true when you consider that one gram of this is our base mix of tapioca-maltodextrin.

Innovative Edibles